Evil Game Love Game has come to an end. Game over. Finito.

A highly anticipated, 21 episode lakorn starring Nadech Kukimiya and Urassaya Sperbund, encompassing the journey of an islander who falls in love with a stranger washed from the sea, she gets taken away from him which thereby forcing him to leave the comfort of his home and all that he knows, to find her.

But when he learns that their island days were all a game to her, he decided to wreak his own evil game and vengeance towards her, not knowing that her sister was the mastermind behind it all. Yet no matter how much he thinks his wife is being evil to him, or no matter how much pain he ends up projecting on himself, he has always and will always love her.

It is one of those lakorns where you’re on the hero’s side, whether it is team Saichon or team Charles- there’s no way you can be on Chompoopae’s side, unless you’re as dark and twisted as she is, and surely we’re not given enough substance to be on Nang Fah/Fahlada’s side- so it is team Saichon/Charles all the way.

Which leads us to the question: so who wins in this game of evil versus love?

In the end, love conquers all.

Take a look at Fah’s love towards her sister Chompoopae. After she discovered that her sister was responsible for all of her torment, she still forgave her and loved her. I’ve no idea why, but she does. Her unconditional love made Chompoopae realize her mistake and repents. It took a bullet (on Fah’s behalf) to make her realize that.

Dr.Wattana’s unchanging love towards Chompoopae was another eye roll. Unless you’re a parent, I don’t see how anyone can still love an evil, condemning B.

If only the message could be more realistic for Chompoopae. Her regret is too little too late for me. How can she have no repercussions after everything that she has done? She has admitted that in all of her life, she hated Fahlada and was only pretending to be nice, and has gone out of her way to torment and tear apart the loving duo. How did she get a happy ending? Whatever happened to karma? Despite it all, I understand why they ended it this way: Chompoopae is Fah’s dear sister. And Khun Charles wants Fah to be happy. So Chompoopae gets away with it all, and as a result Fah is happy.

The two sub-stories of Mami/James and Plernta/Sahat leaves more to be desired. They are so cute.

Lastly, Charles love for Fahlada, so steady and ever growing. I actually liked how in the end she didn’t get all of her memory back. It’s realistic and nurtures my romantic heart. Fahlada loved Charles and deep inside, she knows that Nang Fah loves Saichon too. Either way, she fell in love with the man he has become and will make new memories together- with the man he used to be.

At least all is not lost for Charles. Everything that he has endured in the past is worth it, since he has Fah in his arms again. And when he tells her that it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t remember- that they can make new memories together- I just, well, melt.

As Charles swings Fah in his arms and the credits roll, I’m both elated and wistful.

Glad for the happy ending, but hate to see them go. After all, they’re the best part about GRGR.

I shall wait with baited breath for their next collaboration.

What about you, what did you think of the ending? Love it, hate it? Everything you hoped for?