I was still on Evil Game Love Game high and to watch Miracle of Love yesterday was like someone waking me up from a good dream. ‘Unnecessary angst and drama’ would be a good description for Ep.10.

But sometimes we have to take a step back and look at the big picture, the goal of the drama I suppose.

From this episode, Paat and Nammon’s relationship- or lack thereof- has gone even further down the steep hill. However, this experience of being responsible for Panom’s termination from work should teach Nammon a little lesson about friendship and unrequited love. What is more important? What is worth fighting for? I included a clip with Nammon and her mom talking, thought it was a good lesson for Nammon. Her getting Panom fired was a surprise, to say the least.

Not only that, her mom has also learned something from the housekeeper- that she really hasn’t a good hold on her children. Hopefully this will be a wakeup call for her.

Paat is still unnecessarily mean. I understand that he wants to nip Nammon’s crush in the bud, but it seriously doesn’t require highhandedness- when he kept telling her off and bossing her around, I wish Nammon would say to him, “Who died and made you boss?!”

Pansorn- the culprit who disappeared, also learns a lesson- he thought that nobody cared about him, but Khun Chaithut has helped him learn a little more about what it means to be ‘a man,’ to take responsibilities for ones actions.

The person, whom I didn’t expect to feel sorry for, is Panom or Nichamon. Finally, we get to see what it means for her to pretend to be someone else. The Sornalai, for a while, represented a home and security for her.  When she got fired, she was relegated to insecurity, no future income and no home. I really felt for her as she packed her bags and left the house. On her way out, she talked to Nammon’s mom who received a dose of reality check from someone so much younger.

I’m a bit peeved at the annoying servants. It seems it’s not a lakorn with out pestering maids trying to bring down someone they feel threatened about.

Also in this episode, we see a warmer side of Khun Chaithut. I was.. pleasantly surprised. When he heard that Panom was fired, he immediately went in search for her, worried about her being homeless. He uses the excuse that she promised to be his housekeeper for two weeks, as a means to keep a roof over her head. When it comes to her, he hasn’t figured her out yet, the way that he has everyone all ‘figured out,’ whether it is correct or not. I thought it was quite sweet that he came to her rescue.

Unfortunately for Paat and Nammon, my interest and fascination in them is waning. Much to my chagrin, those lakorn teasers and specials have really misled me to believe that their love would be more than unnecessary angst and drama. As much as I think they are cute, I really don’t believe that I’m going to get anything profound from them. Probably by the time Paat realizes that he ‘loves’ Nammon, it would be too little too late. And it will be just as well because I’m afraid I’ve removed myself from this spasm of the once adorable Paat-Nammon.