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Whose side are you on?


According to Godninja’s epic fan listing for GRGR, would you choose Charles Angel or Nangfah kong Saichon? A man who is playing evil games or a man playing love games? Light or dark? Black or white? Unfortunately choosing sides for this particular pr’ek who is becoming more bipolar by the minute is no easy task.

A comment made by Fun on that particular thread left an impression on me, “My pick will be Saichon because that is who he really is in the end of the day.” Which is so astute.

But as much as I feel for Saichon, and as much as deep down that is who he really is, I feel more for the person he has become- a man who is so hurt, so desperate, and so in need of love. Despite how evil or mean or hurtful he can be, ultimately he just wants to be gathered in Fahlada’s arms again. And ultimately I’m rooting for him to win his wife back, because only until then, will we see all of Saichon again.

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