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To sell or not to sell? Miracle of Love Ep 8 Recap


The premise in episode 8 surrounds Nichamon trying to stop Khun ChaiThut from selling her grandfather’s house.

As a background, Khun ChaiThut bought the house from Chote Chutiman in hopes of holding on to the house for the older man’s kin. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Trying to win over the Sornalais’ and keeping Pongthep (and his father’s) influence out of the project, Khun Chai decided to sell the house for collateral. He needed the money so Pongthep’s father can keep his fingers out of the project. He’s torn about this decision but ultimately the need to win and ruin the Sornalai triumphed.

It turns out however, that Pongthep wants to buy the house. And immediately, Khun Chai declines the offer, instead looked to another buyer who’s ruthless reputation will most likely turn every inch of the farm into condos.

But throughout this episode, Khun Chai is like a teeter totter, going back and forth between accepting and rejecting the buyer’s offer. Finally, as he agreed to sell the house, Nichamon came up with a great idea to stop him.

It was Paat’s idea actually. He told her that the only way to force his brother to listen and to not sell the house is if they can find Chote Chutiman’s kin. Little did he know that he was staring the “kin” in her face. The kin however just awkwardly darts her eyes away and asked if there was another option.

Squaring her shoulders, Nichamon sneaked her way into Khun Chai’s yard. Instead of facing him and telling ‘the vampire’ who she really is- as she has rehearsed- she decided to call him instead. Which is brilliant, if we want to continue prolonging the inevitable.

Nichamon crouches under the window as she calls him and begs him not to sell her grandfather’s house. She is on her way to Thailand and will buy the house from him, if only he can wait for her. Khun Chai is excited and suspicious to hear from her. Indeed, how did she know he was selling the house? It doesn’t matter, she has been found and he will keep the house for her.

News spread fast, Kon Ying (her grandmother) is aware and says that they no longer need to search for her then. If she’s coming to Thailand, they will meet her soon enough. Despite acting like she doesn’t care, she became angry because this particular grand daughter hasn’t thought of contacting her. Gee whiz lady, who would want to, after you high handedly rejected her? We still don’t know why she’s so angry at Nacha (Nichamon’s mom.)

Pongthep has a huge crush on Nichamon and wanted to prove her wrong. She had told him she understood why Khun Chai doesn’t want to sell the house to him. Pongthep has it easy in life and she thinks he doesn’t value it. To change her perspective, Pongthep asked Khun Chai if he can work with him on the project- not as an affiliate of his father’s business. He wanted to ‘live life with value’ since he has been irresponsible for so long. Should we believe him? Khun Chai- showing us more heart these days- does.

Nichamon is elated, mission accomplished. A lot of things are looking up for her. She learned a little something new about Khun Chai Vampire. She had always thought he had no feelings, but when Aunt Phorn assigned her to return the framed photo back to Khun Chai, and he forced her to have lunch with him, she learned that he’s a lonely person. They opened up a little more with each other and had some pretty cute moments.

Unlike our favorite duo.

Methinks Rawipaat is not a rebel like he wants everyone to think. Deep down he’s conflicted. He likes Nammon but his righteous, principled mind tells him not to pursue her. In this way, he’s so much like his brother. Either way, these past few episodes show us that Paat knows what is right and what is wrong- and he’s trying his darnest to stick to it.

As much as we like to think that Thut is their relationship blocker, I think Paat too, is his own enemy. Do recall the cute scene after he helped her with the heavy box. He drags her with his pinky to their trysting spot (the windmill) and prepares to get their wager over with. When Nammon asks him to stop seeing Panom, it was his opportunity to sever any hopes for her. Paat looks away painfully, as if preparing himself for the blow that he was about to give, “You have no right to stop me from seeing anyone. Because right now, Panom and I are more than friends. And I will never stop seeing her.” Even the words tore at him as he looks at her turned back. When she did turn around- those painful eyes did him in- he needed to leave.

So sad indeed. Poor Nammon, getting mixed messages, getting her hopes up. But no more, those final words were as clear as daylight. Finally, she deleted a picture of her and Paat from her phone.

There are a few emotions warring in my mind.
One, Panom is still scared, still selfish!
Two, Nammon (honestly) had no right to tell Paat that he can’t see Panom anymore. I must say I was shocked to hear her ask him that. I know she’s hurt and she’s sulky. And despite telling him that she’s not jealous, she has it written all over her face lol. Ha, I would love to see someone interested in Nammon, that will give Paat a run for his money! Maybe it will inspire him to end his ridiculous family feud excuses! Because really, they are mere excuses!
Three, Paat, you’re so mean! No need to be so cruel to yourself and Nammon by telling lies. Breaking her heart, making her cry- if she puts you through the ringer in the future that only serves you right!

Anyway, pass the popcorn.

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