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Thoughts on upcoming lakorns and dare I say it, remakes?


After creating “Chronicle of Lakorns” subpage, I got to thinking, what upcoming lakorns has everyone in a snit? In reviewing the long list and discussion at AsianFuse– in which I really need to sign up because they seem to be having a lot of fun- I found myself neither enthusiastic nor unenthusiastic about the upcoming lakorns. What does that say about the new lakorns? Better yet, what does that say about me? (Although I must say I do enjoy watching the 4+1 Ch3 superstars together, severe cuteness and drool worthy.)

I try not to hype myself up with upcoming lakorns because I like the surprising factor, I was pleasantly surprised by Miracle of Love and Evil Game Love Game. And I’m not sure I would like them as much if I set high expectations, in a way setting myself up for failure. Having said that, a good lakorn, despite being hyped up, should remain wonderful if it has a good story and charismatic actors, right? Here are some upcoming lakorns (see full list on AF)

As I scan the list of upcoming lakorns, with a blazing bullet point constantly flickering before my eyes, I noticed the remakes. This is a sore point with me. I didn’t take a 10+ yr break from watching lakorns to come back and watch the old ones again- only with new actors!

And the list goes on and on….

I understand that when it’s good, they want a remake. The problem lies in whether the remake can live up to the old lakorns or leave them in the dust. There are some outstanding ones like Sawan Biang and JumLoey Rak. Then there are some that leaves us missing the old ones even more.

In 2011, we have 5 remakes thus far (Tawipob, Wanalee, Ka Kong Kon, Kehas See Dang, Roy Marn), what will 2012 bring us? What remakes are you looking forward to? What upcoming lakorns in general are you awaiting?

As for me, I’m looking for a good story with good chemistry. I suppose I shall give the upcoming lakorns and remakes a chance, ultimately to see which will be promoted to endless blogging or which will be relegated to the wayside.

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