Which could be said for my favorite duo in Miracle of Love.

I felt deprived in episode 4 because Paat and Nammon were not together, however, their scenes in episode 5 made up nicely.

Thus far Nammon has finally admitted to her best friend that she likes Paat. An obvious (at least to us) acknowledgement, but a stride to the right direction. She can’t help but smile widely when she’s around him, act completely unlike herself and essentially, worship him. Which I don’t blame her. But she’s going to learn a few lessons of her own in this drama when it comes to poignant, one-sided love. As she told her best friend when asked if P’Paat returned her sentiments, Nammon says, “As long as he doesn’t hate me, that is good enough.”

Ah, but Paat doesn’t hate you.

He’s just not yet aware of his feelings. He can’t help but crack a smile when Nammon is not looking or end up doing everything she pleaded of him despite putting her through the ringer. And even though he lectures her on, “a woman in this day and age should learn to fend for herself,” he’ll go and do the exact opposite by rescuing her. I love me a little contradiction in our characters.

A newly arise conflict between Paat-Nammon (aside from Thut being a blocker) is Panom or Nichamon. Now that Paat has discovered Panom’s true identity, they share a secret, and secrets tend to bond individuals to each other. I envision Nammon misunderstanding and thinking that Paat likes Panom. Since she’s valiant and likes Panom as well, perhaps she may feel that they are good for each other- and ultimately that she is not good enough for Paat.

Paat on the other hand will need a little wakeup call to realize his feelings for Nammon. Perhaps her eventual withdrawal from him will motivate him to explore his feelings? I’m just speculating.. What ever it may be, I am absolutely thrilled to watch the next episodes of Miracle of Love.

Hopefully this time, we have as much time- of Paat-Nammon scenes together- as continued quality.

And how many people wanted to hide with embarrassment when Paat caught his photo of them posing in the car, on her phone? Eeeps…!!

At that point do you deny your feelings or confess? What would you do if you were in Nammon’s shoes?

(I would probably avoid it like the plague, then afterward, wallow in my own cowardice haah.)