I’d love to tell you so far what “Evil Game, Love Game” does so well. It’s easy to believe that people tune in because of Yaya and Nadech. That is partly true, but what keeps me in my seat is the journey of their love, coupled with tension and conflicts. If a lakorn has no substance, no matter how great the pair-up, it will cease to sustain my interest. What we have here my friends, is a serious drama- even during the island scenes- and only to gain exponential in the course of its life. The question we must consider here is, are we ready to see our koo kwans go through hurdles in order to be together? Can true love sustain obstacles and barriers? Not only are they tested, we as audiences are tested as well. I just hope that I will be rewarded with my good behavior and endurance.

Why do I like episode 3 and find it so important? Because it is the climax of their relationship in the island, the turning point, the buildup, whatever- it is the point in which the way they think about each other changes. Completely and perhaps can never go back and be the same again. Case in point, for episodes 1 and 2, Saichon is exasperated by Nang Fah because she is annoying, childish, troublesome, stubborn and doesn’t listen to him. But he adores her and takes care of her- almost like a brother does to a sister. Yet slowly, he starts to get angry when he thinks Yia-Sah is interested in her (he didn’t attribute that to jealousy at the time) and Saichon finds himself constantly smiling and looking at her. He has made a lot of mistakes due to his jealousy and hot temper. By scolding her, he doesn’t realize that he is pushing her away. He starts to see the true side of Yia-Sa- in that he’s not a good person after all, he is merely being nice so he can get close to Nang Fah. Episode 3 turned sinister when Yia-Sah tries to rape Nang Fah but Saichon was able to help her in time. At that point, he realizes that he doesn’t want to lose her- especially he doesn’t want anyone else to be her husband. Where does that leave him? We can feel the confirmation in his heart.

As for Nang Fah, like a child, she’s curious. And like a child, she likes people who are nice to her. She is angry that Saichon is constantly scolding her, yelling at her, so she tolerates Yia-Sa (only momentarily mind you) because he’s nice to her and buys her things. But the child in Nang Fah gets a good lesson in life, she soon learns that just because someone is nice, doesn’t mean she should trust him. Not only that, she starts to question the differences between male and female, love and intimacy. When she learns that only people who love each other should be close and make babies (lol) she fearfully grows up a little. But through all of her tough times, Saichon is always there for her. Even though he can be abrasive at times, she feels safe with him. She doesn’t know what love is or that she is slowly heading that way with Saichon. See the progress of their relationship? Both grew up a little, and we are shown before us how their love blossomed- it didn’t happen overnight and certainly not without lots of conflicts, which makes the love all the more sweeter. It’s believable. I buy the shift in their relationship.

We also get to know Chompoo Pae a little better. In ep 2, she is shown as a sister that has lost everything. She was bitter that her family wasn’t there for the opening of her hotel but soon regrets it when she learns that her parents are dead and her sister is missing. We see a lovely person who will turn every rock on the beach to search for her sister. But we soon see another side to her as well. When put in a tough and unpleasant situation, what will a person do? Their choices and reactions really tell us their true character. In episode 3, we learn that Pae was adopted by Fahlada’s parents prior to them being able to have a child of their own. Pae feels jealous and resented that her parents loved Fah more and took Fah’s side. The straw that broke the camel’s back (so to speak) is during the reading of the will. She learned that the majority of the inheritance went to Fahlada- she was left with only a petty amount. She blamed her parents for being unfair- which I totally agree, an adopted daughter should still be considered as a daughter and should be given an equal amount- at least that’s what I would do, but I’m not her parent. Should Fahlada remain missing for 5 years, then the fortune would go to Pae. Desperate to get her hotel back (that she has invested with her bitchy friend who went behind her back to be the sole owner) Pae tries to change the company’s overall profit. She needed the money to buy back her hotel. At this point, we get a better idea of who Pae is, she won’t blink an eye to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She has her reasons but I don’t like her vibe. She has an air of meanness. I guess I’ll have to see if my thoughts about her withstand throughout the lakorn. I like her boyfriend P’Mor because despite finding out that she has lied to him, he still loves her.

Saichon has helped Fah from the wrath of Yia-Sa and they both realize how much they want to be together, will we get a love confession? Don’t forget that Fah has made a promise to Mami and Suay that she won’t like like Saichon. Yia-Sa is not going to take Saichon’s meddlesome kindly, what does he have up his sleeve? Will Pae continue to search for her sister? How is she going to get the money she needs to buy her hotel back?  Stay tune for next week!

Recap of important scenes of ep 1-2 in case you want to read (what I’ve written above are important things about ep 3.) The following are in each character’s perspectives.


Saichon: Born and raised in the island of Min, he is unaffected by society’s corruption and city lifestyles. A handsome, young lad who has been deemed full grown by the community, is now ready to marry and provide for a family. He has lost his parents since he was a child, due to a tsunami that swept their home and had to see them die before his eyes. For a long time, he was only responsible for himself.

That changed one fateful day, when a vicious storm brought a young, beautiful maiden to his island. When he discovered her unconscious body at the shore, he had not realized then that he fell instantly in love- for her face is that of an angel. Upon learning that the village’s witch doctor could not save his angel, Saichon refuses to give up because he could not bear to let another person die before him. So for 3 days and 3 nights, he holds her hand and chants for the evil to leave her body and for the goodness to come in. The village stands vigil around his house. Whether it is his pure determination or the fate, Saichon was able to save the beautiful maiden. And from then on, he was no longer alone in this world.

Nang Fah (angel): Is disoriented. She wakes up in a small, brightly lit wooden room. She tries to search her brains, but could not recall where she is at and most importantly, who she is. Scared, she turns to the only person she is familiar with, as much as a stranger can be familiar. All she knows is that she is comforted by his presence- so she clings to him as if he was her lifeline.He helped her come up with a name until her memory returns, Nang Fah, it has a nice, familiar ring to it.

The village welcomed her with open arms. She was terrified at first, but one by one, they each received her with a kiss on her head. The warmth of their acceptance enveloped her- she is comfortable and feels at home. Still confused at the events of her life, Nang Fah reverts to childlike behavior, not aware of the differences between social norms, expectations and even manners. But it’s ok, because Nang Fah thinks that she has Saichon to help guide her. Although he can be abrasive and rude at times, she knows that she is safe with him and he will not leave her.

Saichon: Her childlike behavior is starting to wear on him. She has seen him naked and wants to shower with him, she wants to sleep with him, and is constantly hugging him. Little did Saichon know that his anger with her is merely a male frustration, emanating from proximity of a hot, female body. Instead, Saichon resolves it with many a cold showers.

Friendly conflicts: The village’s two “hottest” girls: Mami and Suay who are determined to make Saichon their husband. The comedic relief, Saichon’s friend and the rest of the thirty something cast that makes up the community in Koh Min (Min Island.)

We are also introduced to Yia-Sah, the merchant that passes through the island to sell fish and other necessities. The village thinks he is nice and a trustworthy guy. Instead, he’s a thug who likes to take advantage of the village folk. As the villain in this lakorn thus far, he seeks female companion and finds himself attracted to Nang Fah. He is determined to have her.. but he can wait, at least until an opportune time presents itself.


Chompoo Pae: Is irritated. Today was the most important day for her, but her parents and younger sister are too busy having fun touring the beach to remember to celebrate with her. She had worked so hard on this, opening a hotel was a huge endeavor, and opening it with a bitch of a friend is even harder. But no, her family is nowhere to be seen. It is a good thing she still had her P’Mor who sent her flowers during the opening of the hotel. Deciding to thank him in person, Pae meets him at the hospital. As she goes off on her family for putting her on the shelf all this time, she receives a phone call that changes her life forever.

Her parents are dead and her sister is missing. Distraught she tells the cops that she doesn’t believe that her sister is dead- not until she sees her corpse- so to hell or high water, they must find her. P’Mor stands by her side, her strong pillar that doesn’t waver under pressure. They’ve been together for awhile now, she knows that he loves her and will do anything for her, but she wasn’t yet ready to marry. She had her own life to live and now, she must find her sister- her only remaining family.

When she decides that the cops aren’t doing the best they can, she decides to find her sister, herself. As she leaves the hotel to the hands of her bitchy business partner, she soon realizes that the chance of finding her sister looks grim. On top of that, her friend takes advantage of her absence to be the sole owner of the hotel. She is at the lowest point in her life: her career is in shambles and her sister is presumably dead.

Saichon: is clearly exasperated with Nang Fah: she is childish, ruins everything he makes, gives him bodily pain- but he can’t help but feel even more drawn to her. The witch doctor gave him a wake up call: he must try to see it from Nang Fah’s perspective. A person who loses her memory and thinks that she is a child, requires someone to be understanding. With that in mind, he tries to be more forgiving, but Nang Fah tests his patience.

Nang Fah: Saichon continues to be irritated by her a lot lately, but she doesn’t mind because he is all she has. They promised each other, under a star filled night that they are each other’s family and will be together forever. Saichon does so much for her and she is grateful for him. Secured in her feelings about Saichon, she starts to question about love, and learns what two people in love do “with” each other.

The village witch doctor gets a vision of Saichon being brutally beaten and Nang Fah ripped from his hands- a premonition indeed. She decides that Saichon and Nang Fah will have some bad events in their future.