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Quick Feedback- Roy Mai’s Ending


I have some mixed feelings about the ending. Have you seen it yet? Let’s just say that I’m not jumping up and down. Perhaps my expectations are too high. What did I expect from an ending when we have so much loose strings to tie? There’s just not enough time to cover everything and satisfy me. I just wish directors/producers realize that the ending is just as important as the beginning and middle. No excuses! It is their duty to tie everything together and package a nice, wonderful story.

If you want to know what happened, Asianfuse has a script from the book that is eerily accurate to the lakorn, you can check it out here to understand what they’re saying:

A few things that irked me:

Things that pleased me:

The ending could have a nicer polish, but I guess we can’t always get what we want. Ateam did a fantastic job, their comfortability and chemistry has intensified even more than their previous lakorns. This is a drama to be remembered. I am happy for the ever after, but sad that it is over.. all too soon. The love story between Maneerin and Siriwong is utterly breathless.

What are your thoughts? How did the ending make you feel?

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