Making this post sticky for now since Rak Pathiharn is airing today at 8:30pm. This is what happens when you’re bored and you watch every youtube video associated to a lakorn- you get psyched. What makes it absurdly awesome for me, is that as I am watching the t-ser below, they are playing my favorite song by Tata Young called “Prong Nee Mai Sai” (Tomorrow is not too late) but remade by Jetset’er. I am going down memory lane- the song was popular in the 90’s. Another bonus it appears, is that the OST female version is so sweet as well by Lula.I certainly am going to watch.

For the longest time, I knew Alex looked familiar. He was Pinky’s brother in Kadee Ded Hed Hang Rak. My how the boy has grown! I’ve always thought he was a talented actor, I am curious  to find out how he will fare with a bigger role- a much more mature role.

Here’s Tata’s Version (Original)

I’m reading Thaitv3 synopsis and review for episode 1 and I am getting excited… Follow me tonight to find out how this series will start!