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The Magic in Roy Mai


I have not gone viral or Selena Gomez on you, but I’m talking about the magic in Roy Mai, episode 12. The scream that was heard through twitter did not have to do with Siriwattana hiding behind a tree, crying at the scene before him. But I yelped, or screamed like a fangirl due to the beautiful, magical buildup of that very scene.

Keep in mind that in the last few episodes, Siriwong has made up his mind to stay away from Maneerin, it was the valiant thing to do, the right thing to do. But no matter how much he tries, Maneerin would come after him, stirring the boiling pot of frustration, want and need. His pent up emotion is like the rope between two opponents who are playing tug of war, and is at the breaking point.

So now he sees Maneerin, in the middle of the night, wandering the forest alone. From afar Siriwong’s voice is laced with anger, he tells her that she needs to leave and it was her last warning. But Maneerin is made of stern stuff, she drops her lantern and prods him further. Who does he think he is to command her?

Siriwong like an angry god descending, stomps his way towards her, at this point they are so far apart. The night sizzles with energy at his anger. “Do you think you’re the only one hurting right now? You don’t think I have a heart?” he yells at her. They are progressing towards each other, each angry of the marriage, angry of the situation. “What do you want from me?” She retorts. Siriwong waves his arms, “You don’t think that I’m devastated by your impending nuptials?” Maneerin with tears starting to swim in her eyes accuses him of ignoring her and giving her hope. Siriwong thought that she would understand that he was trying to do the right thing. But every time he tries to escape her, she finds him. He warns her already that she should not get in his sight. Maneerin angrily tells him that she will be out of his sight then. She will forget everything and act like they are two people who don’t even know each other. When she gets close enough to him, she yells, “-and I don’t have a friend like Prince-” but before she could finish, Siriwong grabs her face and pulls her in for a searing kiss. The  magical kiss went on and on. Maneerin holds him to her as her wrap falls slowly to the ground. The buildup to this moment is completed with a blissful release.

Friends, we got what we asked for, this is the sweetest, most beautiful moment between Ateam. Not to mention, the intimate scenes that follow after the night. After all, as Siriwong lays his head on Maneerin’s lap and tells her,”Between duty and love, I may be wrong with duty. But with love, I am not wrong… from now on, I will take care of Princess Maneerin myself,” we can believe him, even if he has to honor his promise in his next life.

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