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The Week Ahead


Sunday marks the end of the week, and it has been a week filled with shocking news..but the week ahead always brings new hopes and dreams.

Although I’ve posted about Roy Mai and KRLJ exclusively, I have been watching and tuning in to other things as well. Some are just not worth writing about, yet. Thank you all for stopping by, leaving your mark, and simply making my weekend a pleasure.

For this upcoming week, I am going to write about Roy Mai’s new episode on Mon and Tues which are episodes 11 and 12. If rumors are any indication, this lakorn will end on episode 15, so friends, we still have 5 more to enjoy- time to do a few cartwheels!

I am foregoing KRLJ, will wait for the ending to come and watch that. I will also continue to watch STSS starring Noon and Vee, simply because it makes me laugh. As far as reviews, expect Thai movie reviews this upcoming week!

For now, enjoy a peaceful, restful Sunday as preparation for the new week draws near..

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