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Black Magic in Roy Mai, A Step Too Far?


We’ve been warned.

“..There are many more terrible things to come,” the spirit of Siriwattana says, and so episodes 9 and 10 of Roy Mai explains just how bad Bua Ngern is. Prior to this episode, Rerin had asked the spirit of Siriwattana if he can find forgiveness, in which he responds with, once you see what happens, can you truly forgive that person? And we are left wondering if he meant Bua Ngern or himself. We are also left wondering towards the end of this week’s episode, if it is really worth it to use up majority of the episodes to delve into the voodoo realm and witness how evil a person can be?

The focus of this week are the events that occurred 70 years ago. The prelude to the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. Bua Ngern is accomplishing her black magic on Siriwattana, turning him into a cross between a puppy and child. Too twisted and sprung than to want anything else but physical satisfaction. This gives Bua Ngern a leg up with Maneerin as Siriwattana is hers for the time being and she pushes Maneerin around.

Siriwong is telling himself to step back, not realizing it’s too late. He has already fallen in love with Maneerin. Despite his attempts, he finds himself protecting her and being there for her. When he sees her being pushed around by Mei, he champions her, all the while giving Maneerin the cold shoulder. Maneerin is tired of his brooding ways but can’t help but  be drawn to him. When he helps her from the ground, she feels a little too right in his arms and he held her longer than was necessary. Although episode 9 did not have too many of their sweet moments, I still relished their scenes together- I’ll take what I can get!

Bua Ngern and Mei visited the sorcerer on the final day. He would do the final black magic on the voodoo doll- but they have another request for him: they want to kill Maneerin. When he says that he draws the line at murder, they decided to get rid of him for good. Mei kills the sorcerer as Bua Ngern proceeds with the final step that will bind Siriwattana with her for good.

Episode 10 sends us to more of Bua Ngern’s attempt to destroy Maneerin. Siriwattana, after some brainwashing from Bua Ngern, barges into Maneerin’s room and accuses her of stealing his seal and wanting to take all of Chiang Mai. When he finds the seal in her room, he decides to reprimand her. Luckily, Siriwong came in time and awakens him (while getting hurt again as his older brother shoves him unintentionally into the wall.) Siriwong explains that he was the one who put the seal in Maneerin’s room. He was concerned of Siriwattana’s condition and didn’t want the seal to be compromised. Siriwattana, like a scolded child, apologizes and drunkenly walks away. Which sends us to another cute scene between Maneerin and Siriwong as she tries to help him with his banged up shoulder. After pushing each other’s buttons and Siriwong showing off his very sculpted shoulders, Maneerin shoves him playfully away. Hey that hurt Jao Nang Noi!

Slowly, Bua Ngern’s attempt fails as Siriwong and his music teacher Pan discovers the voodoo doll and burns it to ashes. Prior to this (I believe in episode eight) Maneerin and her maid had learned of the spell that will bind a man and shared this knowledge with Siriwong. Siriwattana is saved as he falls into Maneerin’s arms and Siriwong, sadly but inevitably watches them. Bua Ngern is repleted, which angers Mei and she begs her lady to not give up.

Back to present time, Suriya is very suspicious of Rerin. He continues to follow her until one night, he catches her locking the museum basement door.  He drags her to his car that was parked out front and tells her not to go back there again. If she was caught by someone else, she would go to jail and even he could not help her. Rerin looks at him and decides to tell him the truth. She says she sees and feels the events of Princess Maneerin’s life and she needs to help her. Suriya looks at her as if she has gone down the deep end. He tells her that no one will believe what cannot be proven. Rerin angrily concludes that even he probably thinks she is crazy. Suriya tries to make up to her with his sad, puppy dog eyes, but she was having none of it.

To make matters worst for Rerin, her mother is in town and is determined to patch her up with Thanin. But Rerin is standing tall, I find myself chanting, “You tell them girl!” And she did. I was so proud of Rerin, it looks like “living” through another life and seeing the torment that goes on in Maneerin’s life has given Rerin some serious backbones! Looking at both Thanin and her mom, Rerin adamantly tells them that she has broken up with him and walks off.

In the past life, Bua Ngern is pregnant and everyone rejoices, including Maneerin. She thought that this would mean she would not have to marry the prince. Siriwong learns of this too as his parents tell Siriwattana that they will still proceed with his matrimony to Maneerin, there will just be two mae yings of Chiang Mai- apparently Maneerin is still number one. Which saddens Siriwong again even though he gave himself no hope to begin with. To pour salt on wound, he has to come up with a beautiful song as a gift to his brother and Maneerin on their wedding day. Peachy isn’t it?

Towards the end of the episode, Siriwong says what everyone thinks: Bua Ngern is scary and should not be trusted. She is the type of person who would get rid of people who are in her way..Pan asks him what he is going to do about it, and Siriwong answers that the best thing he could do is to be careful and don’t let it happen to Maneerin. But will being careful be enough?

We are all skeptical as Mei gets hold of a dead dog and Bua Ngern announces with her teeth clenched together that she will kill Maneerin- only to have her faithful maid proclaim that she will do the deed.

Previews for ep 11 indicates that Maneerin gets bitten by a snake and passes out. Bua Ngern falls down the stairs- I take it there will be no more pregnancy? Then Siriwattana screams for his guards to apprehend Mei as they punish her.. Hm.. for the snake bite or for something more? Will this be the end of Mei’s life as she turns into a creepy, freaky, and the scariest looking ghost out there?

With the way things ended in present time, how will Suriya get clued in on the past? Can Rerin really prove “the truth” to him? I know Thanin won’t take the rejection kindly, what’s going to be up his sleeve? And finally, can we get more of our Ateam, two couples screen time please? Because Khun Off ka, you should be satisfied with your indulgent two episodes- it’s now our turn!

Even though the drama has stepped too far into the voodoo realm, I am still captivated and waiting with baited breath just how Roy Mai will play out. Next Monday seems like a lifetime away..

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