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The Week Ahead


Happy October! Where I come from, this is an exciting month. We have fall, pumpkin patches, spiced lattes, and Halloween- not to mention the scary themes that tv shows and the silver screen takes on. Unfortunately, I am not there.. but instead, I get to enjoy warm climates, great food and lots of lakorns/movies!

This week, I will reflect upon Roy Mai’s latest episodes (9,10). I will also delve back into Kon Ruk Luang Jai (ep 4+). Earlier I watched Tawee Pope up to ep 5 and will get back into it. I may wait to write an entire review instead of reflections. As far as next lakorns to watch, I have somewhat of a list, but not sure at what priority. Care to share what I should watch next?

-Nai Roy Ruk
-Roy Marn
-Noon’s new lakorn

And I have a stack of movies on my desk that I just bought from the movie store..
-My Best Bodyguard
-Saranae Siblor
-Lulla Man
-Loser Lover
-Hello Stranger
-Dear Galileo


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