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The Week Ahead


I must say, once you are behind, it is really hard to catch up. By all means I’m not complaining about the availability of great lakorns these days, but gee whiz, I’ve barely touched the surface of the current airings: Roy Mai and Kon Ruk Luang Jai.

I still have yet (and still very much want to) watch the following: Taweepob Pope 2011, Nai Roy Ruk and then there’s Roy Marn coming this week. Not that I intend to recap everything, but I normally write my impression of the lakorn.

Did I mention my project with P-N subbing hasn’t reached it’s completion yet? Golly, we need more time in the day 🙂

So what’s upcoming on this blog this week?
–More P-N series (trying to finish ASAP..) this will be my focus. Stay tune!
–Perhaps I’ll throw in a lakorn chitchat of more Roy Mai or Kon Ruk Luang Jai, whichever one I have the opportunity to watch.
–Fri-Sun I’ll be in Singapore (yet again) so no new posts for the weekend. We shall resume business the following Monday.

Maybe the solution to my problem is to wait until all of the lakorns have ended then watch it and write a review, the way I normally go about my life. It seems the moment I step foot in SE Asia, I feel inclined to write about what’s current. Like they say, timing is everything…

(*BTW, pics of lakorns were taken from Lyn’s Lakorn Blog, check her out on my link section.)

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