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Plerng Toranong – Ep 13 on 8/6/2011


Episode 13 has truly moved me. From start to finish it is touching, thrilling and absolutely emotional- be sure to watch with a box of tissues.

The episode opens up with grandma sitting in her office, thinking. Root comes in to see her and she has made him in charge of overseeing Plerng’s wedding. She also wants it done as soon as possible. As it goes, Root wants to know what she plans on doing when Plerng’s three months are up. She tells Root that she will end their agreement and will tell Plerng on his wedding day. Root is beaming with joy for his nephew.

Plerng stares out of his window in serious thought, he thinks about his conversation with Numfon by the pool, of how she wants them to continue “acting” out the lakorn until his three months are up. Perhaps Plerng is not smiling because he wants their marriage to be real? He hears a knock on his door and it’s Lin, crying and angry. She says that she has always been true to him and why must he lie to her? She also says that she asks him several times about his relationship with Numfon and he always denies it, but now he’s getting married to her? Plerng asks Lin what truth she wanted from him, he doesn’t understand. Then she asks him if he is planning on going back to Ranong. “I can’t answer that yet” he replies, which sends her into more hysteria. And she finally tells him not to go back because he loves Numfon. In the end, Plerng apologizes that he has made her sad. Poor Lin, cries her eyes out in front of Plerng.

Sita is in her pajamas as she cries in front of a mirror, in her room. Numfon is at her door and asks if she can talk to her. As they sit on the bed, Numfon tells Sita that there really isn’t anything between her and Plerng, and that their wedding is only because of duty. Plerng doesn’t love her and they will part ways after his three months. For the first time, Sita looks into her younger sisters eyes and says that for whatever reason Numfon and Plerng are married.. she knows that good people will be have a great life. She asks Numfon if she was going to end the marriage because of her. Sita further says that “do you think that if you break up with Plerng, that I could marry him after that?” She tells Numfon that she and Plerng need to be together for a long time. Numfon looks regretfully at her sister and they hug.

Pairod is angry at Nut and tells him not to do anything stupid (like trying to kill off Plerng) when he still wants to do business with Thai Diamond. Once everything ends, he told Nut that he could kill Plerng himself if he wanted to.

As Lin brings the breakfast out for grandma, she is angry. Grandma looks at her and asks if she was angry because she allowed Plerng and Numfon to marry. Lin said that grandma knew how she felt about plerng and that if grandma continue to let Plerng marry Numfon, she would jump into the water and suicide. Plerng walks by and overhears. He stays to listen. Grandma says it’s too bad that she should die like this. Lin says that if her love is not fulfilled then she didn’t want to live. Grandma looks at her, “let me tell you something,” she says, “no one dies because of love, they die because of their stupidity. You’re still young, you have a bright future and you have your dad. If you die, you will not only kill yourself, but you will kill your dad’s hopes and dreams for you. ” With teary eyes, Lin looks at grandma, “Why did I forget about my dad?” Lin feels horrible and she continues to cry. Finally, she thanks grandma for reminding her. Grandma says that Lin has taught her a lot too and that she is her youngest friend. The scene pulled at my heartstrings. The girl means well, she just fell in love with a guy who doesn’t feel the same way about her.

In the back of the big house, by the pond, Plerng and Lin look at each other. Plerng tells Lin that he is happy that she understands and that she is no longer mad at him.Lin tells him that she will go back to school and finish her education. She initiates a pinky swear, that they will always be brother and sister. Plerng says of course and they pinky swear. They soon hug as Lin cries. Plerng smiles and consoles her. What is a hero without girls falling at his feet?

Lin decides to leave for good, and immediately. The following morning she says goodbye to grandma, Phong and Plerng that she will be heading back to Ranong. Grandma tells her to stop by the house when she finds herself in Bangkok. Lin tells grandma that she is like her real grandma, “Can I hug you?” Plerng and his mom says that it is not suitable, but grandma says that she can answer that by herself. Grandma and Lin have a farewell hug.

But before Lin leaves for good, she goes to see Numfon. She tells Numfon that Numfon is only able to marry Plerng because she opened the way. If she gets wind that Numfon broke Plerng’s heart, she will come back and cause a problem. Her final words to Numfon is to remember that Numfon took her love away from her.

As Numfon walks back to her condo, she is regretful and sad. Sita sees her and wants to know what Lin has said. Numfon says that Lin refuses to lose and threatens that she will come back if Numfon hurts Plerng. Numfon continues saying that she feels very wrong to Lin and Sita, that she shouldn’t marry Plerng. Sita says that if she doesn’t agree to marry Plerng, it will not make their situation any better, it will actually worsen it. Numfon tells her sister that she feels like the worst person to steal someone from others. But Sita says that Plerng is not anyone’s love (to steal). She says that the best thing Numfon can do is focus on what is in front of her right now and do the best that she can.

Pairod just finished doing his business with Nari (gag) and he is supremely happy as Nari is disgusted. He told her that even though she hated him, he still loves her. So much that he wants to call her mom. Nari begs him not to. Pairod asks her if she was ready to do the next task. Nari declines because she is scared but he threatens her that if she doesn’t do it, she will endure more abuse from him. Nari is angry and grips the sheets.

The following day Numfon and MaeMarn is invited to grandma’s house to look at wedding invitations.

Sita has invited Non to a restaurant to look at her new design. She is in a rush because she wanted it to be ready by Numfon’s wedding. Non asked her if she is still thinking a lot about the wedding. Sita replies that she has accepted it, she is sorry at first but now when she thinks about it again, she is happy because her sister will have a good person to take care of her. Non empathizes with her and says that he understands how she feels. It is not easy to forget someone. Sita asks him how long it took fo r him to stop loving someone. Non says that he never stopped loving that person. If he loves someone, he cannot stop loving her. He also says that he cannot be happy when someone he loves is feeling this way too. He said that if someone is meant to be ours, he/she will be ours, no matter how much you try to run away. Sita likes the way that he looks at the world. Non says that he looks at the reality because it will make you happy instead of looking at the world the way you want to.

At the big house, Numfon, MaeMarn, grandma, Plerng and Phong look through wedding invitations. However, when asked which they prefer, the main party people says that anything will work. Finally, grandma leaves it up to MaeMarn to decide in which she readily accepts. The entire time, Plerng looks at Numfon questioningly.

Boot is extremely angry and screaming, yet again in front of Nari- who no longer cares. She said that it is good someone is getting married, unlike some woman who cannot wear pretty dresses like that (she means her!) Boot doesn’t pay attention to her daughter but continues on about the injustice of it all. Nari asks her mom that between her and the fortune, which would she pick? Boot angrily tells her that she will not be forced to think about ridiculous things like that. Nari tells her mom that she will not ask her mom again, not even a word.

Numfon is in grandma’s yard, looking straight ahead. Plerng walks behind her.
Plerng: Are you not happy?
Numfon: Do you think we should marry?
Plerng: I understand well that you don’t want to marry.
Numfon: You too! I can tell you despise it.
Plerng: When?
Numfon: When we were choosing the cards.
Plerng: What about when it was your turn?
Numfon: Whatever, I don’t want to argue with you. Let’s just say that today we did good. Not many more scenes left, this lakorn will end (so sad and so true…) By then we both will have our freedom again..
Plerng turns away.

Nari arrives at the company and receives a call from Nut who tells her that they will meet tonight at the same time, she must get the diamonds. Nari is extremely stressed but decides that there was no way out for her.

Plerng calls Non and Uncle Root in for a meeting but on his way, he sees Nari walking into her mom’s office. He stands before the door, suspicious. Non sees him in this state and they both enter. They catch her in white gloves, taking the safe key. Non apprehends her and pulls her into another office. He demands to know why she was stealing the jewelry but Plerng wanted to know who she was stealing it for because she would not do this on her own. If she tells them the truth, they may be able to help her. Non chimes in that if she doesn’t tell the truth, he would tell grandma. But Nari says that no one can help her now. They leave the office as she refuses to talk. Plerng has an idea who would be able to help them talk to Nari- he phones Numfon for her help.

Another heart-wrenching scene as Numfon tells Nari that she can talk to her about what is bothering her. Nari says that there is nothing. Numfon says that they grew up together and doesn’t she think that Numfon wouldn’t know the type of person she is? But Nari says that she doesn’t have any friends. She doesn’t have anyone, not even one person. Numfon says that she doesn’t know what is wrong and if Nari doesn’t want to talk, Nari doesn’t have to. Numfon wanted to be by her side. Nari looks at Numfon and asks if she’s speaking the truth. Numfon grasp her hand and tells her that when they were little and Nut made her mad, Numfon said that Nari would sit next to her when she cries and it made Numfon feel better. So now, she wants to do something for Nari. Nari bursts into tears and hugs her old friend.

Plerng and Non awaits Numfon to hear if she was able to talk to Nari. She looks at them warily but brings Nari in to tell the truth. Numfon hugs Nari. Plerng says that he will find a way to help Nari. However, Nari says that no one can help her. Plerng promises that he won’t hurt her and that she needs to believe him. He wants her to tell the whole truth to the cops and if she does as he says, she will not go to jail. Plerng continues telling Nari that he will help her in the best way that he can.

Plerng and Numfon stand at their pergola.
Plerng: Thank you for helping me today.
Numfon: It’s ok, I should thank you.
Plerng: Why? I didn’t do anything for you. Why would you thank me?
Numfon: You gave me something that was lost in my life, back to me.
Plerng: Things that was lost in your life? What is it?
Numfon: It’s Nari. Did you know, that when we were kids, we were very close. When I ended the engagement with Nut, she stopped being my friend. But now, I got my friendship back, so I should thank you.
She adds: Are you sure that your plan to help Nari will be successful?

Nut is in his room as he is able to hack into the security camera at work. He sets it up for Nari to steal the jewelry.

The next day, the plan will be put into action. Nari has her phone ready to record their conversations. Plerng and Non watches on in Plerng’s car.

Pairod and Nut are happy that they were able to obtain so much jewelry and wanted to celebrate, but Nari excuses herself. As she gets up however, her phone falls to the ground. Pairod and Nut become livid and demands her to tell them what she’s trying to do.

Back at the car, Plerng and Non are concerned for Nari since she has been gone for awhile. They decide to go in and help her. Plerng knocks a guard down with a hefty stick and proceeds inside with his gun. At this time, Pairod and Nut are dragging Nari outside. Plerng aims his gun at Pairod but Pairod threatens to shoot Nari. Plerng puts down his gun but as one of the guards prepares to take the gun, he yells for Non (who is coming behind Pairod) and everyone breaks out into a fight. Plerng not only can handle the wilderness, he is also a fighter! Everyone wrestles each other, trying for the gun. Nari gets a hold of the gun and yells at everyone to stop. She soon points the gun at Pairod and yells that he was going to die. However, the sirens signaling the police was near stops her. Nut runs away and Pairod is apprehended.

Pairod is taken into the jail cell while Nari and Plerng gives a police report. Since Nari was victimized, she will not be going to jail. Nari turns to Plerng and says that without him she would be in a horrible state.

Nut is home and kicks the garbage can. He promises that between him and Plerng one of them will have to die.

In the family home, Nari cries and apologizes to grandma. Grandma says that she was wrong for being a bad grandma and that from now one they will start over. Nari walks towards Phong and gives her the respect. She apologizes for disrespecting her. Phong tells her that she didn’t need to do that but Nari says that Phong is her aunt and she should respect her. Phong thanks Nari for giving her honor. Grandma thanks both Non and Plerng for helping Nari. Non chimes in that it was Plerng’s plans. Grandma says that not only did Plerng help Nari, he also helped Thai Diamond too.

At the pond, behind the house, Plerng looks out into the water. Nari accompanies him. Plerng hands her Pairod’s cellphone and tells her that it is up to her what she wants to do with it. The cops has Pairod’s other electronics and Nari is not attached anywhere, perhaps only on the phone. As Plerng walks away, Nari looks at the phone bitterly. She says let’s be done with it all and tosses the phone into the pond. Nari cries for what was her fate and for the strength she needed to move forward.

The next day, Numfon visits Nari’s home. They embrace and Nari says that without Numfon’s help, she didn’t know how long she would be in hell and thanks her. Numfon says that she hasn’t been by the house for a long time. Nari welcomes her over anytime and is happy they got their friendship back. Boot enters the house and yells that the house doesn’t welcome her. She tells Numfon that she is the main cause of all of their problems and brings up Plerng selling his dad’s heart. And for the first time, we see Numfon coming to Plerng’s defense. She said that Boot keeps lying to her all along about Pipa’s heart. Boot immediately wants to slap Numfon but Nari holds her back in time. She tells Numfon to get out of her house. As she leaves, Boot turns to her daughter and is angry that Nari is on their side. She blamed Nari for calling the police on her brother, but Nari said that who ever caused the problem should pay for the consequences. But the last straw for Boot was when she hears Nari calling Plerng, P’Plerng. She flips out and slaps her daughter. She kicks her out of their home. Nari says she doesn’t want to stay with her anyway and she will go to grandma’s side.

In Plerng’s office, Non and Root came in to tell him about some good news. Their former customers have came back to sign new agreements and that not for long, the company will come back to its rightful place.

Nari’s character has changed. She is in her grandma’s office working and tells her grandma that she will focus on work so that she will not disappoint her grandma again. She is now personally invested in seeing the company succeed.

Plerng and Sita do lunch together that day as well. Sita tells Plerng that she is happy for him, in both areas of work and love. Plerng thanks her for helping him with his work all along. Sita replies that she is happy to have a good friend like Plerng and soon to be brother in law. This comment warranted a frown from Plerng as he wishes it were only true. Sita wishes them both happiness and she said that she knows that Plerng is capable of giving Numfon true happiness.

That night, grandma calls both Plerng and Phong to her room. She is smiling. She tells them to sit on the chair and not their usual place on the floor. She shows a ring to Phong and tells her the history- that she intended on giving it to the woman she chose for Pipat. But Pipat has chose Phong. This made Phong cry. But grandma wasn’t finished. She said that she wants to ask Phong for permission, to use this ring for Numfon in their wedding. Phong looks up at grandma with tears in her eyes. She thanks her for being kind to Plerng. Grandma then invites them to move to the big house. The two said that they didn’t want to cause trouble but grandma calls Plerng grandson and both Phong and Plerng look up in shock. “Grandma?” Plerng repeats. Grandma says unless she is not his grandma. Plerng says that she will always be his grandma.

At their small home, Plerng and mom are happy. Phong says that this is like grandma has forgiven what she and Pipat has done. Plerng embraces his mom.

Nari eagerly announces to Root and Non that Plerng is moving to the big house. Everyone is ecstatic.

Phong sees grandma again and tells her not to be stressed. Grandma asks her if she can accept what she has done to Phong’s family. Phong said that she used to be sad but she is no longer sad the moment she had Plerng. She is able to empathize with grandma. Then grandma cries and tells Phong that there was one more thing she wanted to ask before she dies. (What will that be?)

And that concludes Episode 13 everyone!

Will Numfon and Plerng’s wedding be smooth and successful? With Nut around, I’m afraid not, after all he’s NUTS! Do tune in to Episode 14 to find out, which is the END (gasp) – Aug. 12th at 8:30pm. The grand finale!

*And on a side note, (as if everyone hasn’t noticed this) but Mario looks exceptionally gorgeous, handsome and lost for words attractive in this episode. Every scene he’s in- he is amazingly.. beautiful.

*Here’s a quick preview of Ep14: We see Plerng and Numfon in traditional Thai wedding wear- most likely during the morning/afternoon ceremony. We hear Numfon saying that everyone says that Plerng is a good person, it makes her rethink that she wants the wedding to be out of love. We hear Sita asking Numfon if she loves Plerng. We see Plerng and Numfon in their evening wedding wear: Plerng in his handsome tux and Numfon in her trendy, white gown. And he teases her all the way down the aisle. We see Boot asking nut to do it for her, for once. But Nut declines and says that it should have been his. Next we see him aiming a gun at the wedding stage and everyone disperses!

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