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Plerng Toranong – Ep 11 on 7/31/2011


Hang on to dear life my friends, this episode of Plerng Toranong will take you on an exciting ride. We have the making of an excellent episode, couple’s montage in the breathtaking island of Phuket, followed by gun chases and two people alone, stranded, in an unknown island where survival skills and sanity are tested..

Episode 11 starts with Nari looking apprehensively at her mom, who is ecstatic that Nari was able to put the big news (about more fake diamonds in Thai Diamond) on the newspaper. Boot is really pleased and tells her daughter that they must tell grandma. This should motivate her to kick both Plerng and his mom out of the house. But Nari doesn’t want anything to do with it anymore. The girl can barely help herself.

Grandma buries her nose in the paper as Phong stands by watching. She tells grandma to not be stressed because it would be bad for her health. Grandma says that Phong doesn’t understand. Thai Diamond is her baby, she created it with her own hands, how can she expect not to care. Boot walks in and accuses Phong for having high plans (high hope) for herself. She blames Plerng because it’s his responsibility and if it wasn’t him, then who else? Ever since he came to the house, they have lost face and reputation. Boot orders grandma to fire him before they will only have their name left. Grandma doesn’t conform however and says that she will wait until there is proof and the cops have determined who is guilty. Boot angrily spites her and tells her that they won’t be able to get the diamonds back.

Non and Plerng walks into Uncle Root’s office to discuss about the news. They are suspicious that someone has to know a lot about the company in order to commit this. Uncle Root suspects AhNut but Non and Plerng says that they have safeguard everything from him, he shouldn’t have access. Uncle Root says that it means someone else in the company is helping him.  And on a side note, Plerng looks amazing in the cream suit.

Nari is at Pairod’s again and tells him that they must stop, she is afraid of getting caught. Pairod said that they won’t have any evidence. He further adds that it is better to do then to not do, and he continues his onslaught on her body. Nari clenches her fist as she endures with disgust. He even has the gall to call her tee-ruk (my love.)

Nut gets out of the cab as he walks to Pairod’s house. He notices Nari’s car and smiles as he is happy to see her. Nari walks out and faces her brother. Nut asked how Pairod got her to agree to help him. She answers with a vicious slap across his face, “I hate you. From now on, you are not my brother anymore.” And she climbs into her car. Nut follows her, says they need to talk it out. He is confused and wonders what is wrong with Nari. The music picks up speed, as Nut enters Pairod’s house and asked what is wrong with Nari. Pairod lies that she is nervous since she has never done this before. He gives an envelop of money to Nut but Nut claims that it is not enough (100,000 baht). He requests for 500,000 baht but Pairod refuses and says that is all he is giving. He will give more when the customer gives him money. Nut looks away, angry.

Plerng is on the phone as he walks to his car in the company’s garage. As he ends the call, he notices that Nari is in her car crying. He knocks on her door as she wipes her tears away. Concerned, Plerng asked if she was alright and why she cried.. but Nari told him that she was alright and not to bother with her. Plerng is not convinced that everything is alright.

Nut is in his new hideout which is beautiful by a poor man’s standard. He wonders what he would do with only 100K baht and decides to call his mom who is still laughing and in a good mood about the news. She picks up the unknown number and after finding out it is Nut, she is excited to hear from him. He tells her that he is going through a difficult time, he’s renting out a room and wants to know if she could help him. He needed money. She heartily agrees to help and they arrange to meet.

Plerng meets with his customer who is upset but is still kind. She said that they are losing money due to the fake jewelry. Plerng guarantees that it won’t happen again. His customer decides to follow through with the contract and if Thai Diamond can fix the situation and improve their image, they can continue to do business. She hands him a new model, a beautiful strand of pearl necklace. He looks at the diagram, worried, they are a diamond company, how are they going to make a pearl necklace?

Numfon completes her current show and reviews it as Plerng comes in to see her. She is in an adorable black dress that stops well above the knees, showcasing her long, slender legs.
Numfon: What brings you here?
Plerng: I’m just a little stressed so I thought to come see my friend. But I promise not to bother your work.
Numfon: You’re not bothering me, I just finished. Is there something I can help you with?
Plerng walks to the sofa and sits down.
Plerng: It’s work.. but I can just relax.
She sits next to him.
Numfon: If you won’t tell me, then why are you here to see me?
Plerng: You would really help?
Numfon:  What is it?
He is reluctant to tell her.

Numfon is on the phone with her mom.
Numfon: Really? Mom can you hold on for a bit?
Numfon turns to Plerng: Mom can help.
Plerng: Really?
He grins.
Numfon: But tomorrow you have to fly to Phuket.
Plerng: You are going too right?
Numfon: What’s that got to do with me?
Plerng: Since you’re already helping me, can you just help again?
Numfon sighs and gets back on the phone with her mom: Ok mom, we’ll go to Phuket tomorrow. See you tomorrow.
Plerng: Thank you, thank you so much.
Numfon: You’ve found another problem for me.
Plerng: But you were the one who wanted to help me.
Numfon: I didn’t know that I am supposed to go.
Plerng: Good friends aren’t supposed to leave friends..
Numfon walks back to her office.
He smiles broadly, excited.

Plerng shows the diagram to Uncle Root and tells him that the pearl factory in Phuket will be able to help them create the jewelry. He invites his uncle along but Root declines, saying that he should stay with grandma and that he is confident that Non and Plerng can make it happen. Plerng excuses himself to talk to Non.

Boot’s mood turns sour again as she finds out that Plerng has ordered new jewelry to be made. She couldn’t see him succeeding all of the time. She also learns that Numfon is helping him yet again.

Boot disguises herself as she meets her son in his rented room. She hands him the money and they reunite with a hug. She then tells him about Plerng being able to redeem himself with the new task and that Numfon is helping him. She surmises that they are also probably going on their honeymoon. His angered Nut and he asks when they were going to Phuket. When Boot says tomorrow, Nut looks away with an evil smile on his face.

When his mom leaves, Nut tears a picture of Plerng and Numfon from the magazine cover. He tells his hit-man to get rid of the man in the picture and to do it seamlessly.

Numfon tells her sister that they are going to Phuket. Sita is excited and wants to take Non and Plerng on a tour. Numfon smiles at her sister’s infectious mood and tells her that their mom has prepared everything for them already. Sita decides to call mom anyway and takes off to her room.

Lin begs Plerng and Phong to go with him to Phuket but she was such a trouble maker in Khao Yai that they told her she could not go. Besides, Plerng says that they are there for work not to visit. Lin immediately runs to grandma to ask for permission. Trying to bribe her with warm milk, Lin walks to her room. However, grandma sides with Plerng and Phong, she forbids her to go because she would only distract Plerng from his work. In the end, Lin listens to grandma which surprises grandma as she says that Lin is not as stubborn as she thought

The next morning, the airplane lands in Phuket. Mom picks up the four lovebirds (they must always flock in foursomes.) Plerng thanks her for helping him. Everyone piles into the van, happy. How could they not be? New location, new atmosphere, beautiful blue skies- it’s Phuket after all.

The hit-man compares the people loading into the van to the photo in his hands. He follows them on a motorbike with his partner in crime driving him. (One can never commit a crime alone mind you.)

The van stops at Phuket Pearl Factory as they all go in to meet Mr. Lee. Unfortunately, Mr. Lee is busy and sent his assistant to greet them (turns out the assistant is the director of this lakorn!) The assistant apologizes for the inconvenience and that Mr. Lee will send a boat for them the following morning at 7am. The group agrees and make their way back to the van. The hit-men tries to follow but loses their tail. They end up back at the factory to interrogate the front desk rep. She told them that if they wanted to meet the guests, they would have to come back tomorrow morning as the guests are leaving on a boat to meet Mr. Lee at 7am.

Nut is furious that they failed to kill Plerng. But the hit-man promises that he will not fail tomorrow. Nut tells him not to come back and let him see their faces if they failed again.

The group arrives to Numfon’s Phuket home. Gorgeous glass windows adorned all sides of the house, it is well suited for a house by the sea. Mom figures that it is good they will meet Mr. Lee tomorrow so they can rest today. She tells Plerng and Non that they can stay as long as they like. But Plerng says that he would only stay for one night as he is concerned about his grandma back at home. He wanted to make sure that she takes her medicine on time. Numfon rolls her eyes because she thinks he wants to go back for other reasons. Sita on the other hand was sorry that she wasn’t able to take them on a tour of Phuket.

The afternoon draws near and Sita dons her straw hat, prepares herself to go to the market to buy seafood for dinner. She invites Numfon but Numfon declines. Non however, runs after her.
Non: Where are you going?
Sita: To the market so we can have food this evening.
Non: Can I come along?
Sita: Of course, if you’re not tired.
So Non accompanies her to the market.

Plerng looks out to the sea as he sits in front of the house, shoeless. He smiles alone. Numfon comes downstairs and notices him.
Numfon: Who are you thinking about?
Plerng looks behind him.
Plerng: Nothing. When I see the sea, I think about my home in Ranong.
Numfon: Do you miss home or miss Lin?
Plerng gets up: Are you determined to make me and Lin be boyfriend and girlfriend?
Numfon: You’re using your grandma to cover up aren’t you? If you and Lin like each other, who’s going to say anything?
Plerng: When did I tell you that I like Lin?
Numfon: Just earlier. Don’t think I don’t know, you said you wanted to quickly go back, pretending like you’re worried about grandma, but you’re worried about your girlfriend.
Plerng: I really am worried about grandma. If I’m worried about a girlfriend, I would worry about —
He stops himself.
Numfon: Worry about who?
Plerng: Forget about it. What about you? How come you’re not here with Non.
Numfon: Why should we come together?
Plerng: I thought you were close.
Numfon: It’s not strange that we’re close. What’s wrong with you. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I have to prepare the table for P’Sita. If you’re free, come help me.

And we commence our couple’s montage!

Boy Peacemaker’s beautiful voice comes on as we see Non and Sita shopping, selecting fish in their cute summer outfits. Numfon and Plerng sets up a poolside dinner ambiance: as Plerng carries the tables, Numfon points at what area she wants them, then changes her mind. She bosses him around but doesn’t lift a finger aside from helping him rearrange the tables. Finally it is nightfall, the moon is out, the candles are lit, the tables are set with delicious seafood. Numfon gazes at the food admiringly: P’Sita, did you make all of this yourself? Sita beams proudly. She is sitting next to Plerng, Numfon sits next to Non and their mom is head of the table. (All we need is Uncle Root on the other end of the table, oh and a placemat for me. The food looks scrumptuous!)

The group raises their glass of white wine and toast to the evening. Mom tells the kids not to stay up too late since they have to get up early tomorrow. Numfon pouts since she finally gets to visit home but have to wake up early. Sita reminds her that they were here to help Plerng with his work, not to visit. While they ate dinner Plerng keeps looking at Numfon and smiling. She looks back at him as well. Sita sneaks a look at Plerng and Non looks at Sita.

After dinner, Plerng is at his same spot, sitting on the steps that leads to the house, shoeless and staring into the dark sea. Sita approaches him with her scarf, wrapped with ribbons. She walks slowly towards him, the gift in hand.

Sita: Plerng.
Plerng gets up and turns to her.
Sita: I wanted to give this to you.
Plerng accepts the gift: In what occasion?
Sita looks embarrassed.
Sita: Isn’t it funny that I’m giving it to you here and a scarf too?
Plerng: Just a little surprised.
Non walks towards the windows and looks at them from inside of the house.
Sita: I wanted to give this to you for when it’s cold. I meant to give it to you when we were in Khao Yai but things started happening first.
Plerng: Thank you.
Sita: Do you like it?
He looks at the scarf.
Plerng: Yes I do. I’m afraid I won’t be able to use it though.
Sita: I know. One uses the scarf when it’s cold. Since you’re going back to Ranong.. that place is not cold. (That’s very eloquent Sita.. let’s state the obvious.)
Plerng: So then.. why did you knit this for me.
Sita: When I knit it, I didn’t know that you would go back to Ranong. But now that you are determined to go back, I just want to use this scarf as a way to tell you that…
Plerng looks at her.
Sita looks at him: That I have good feelings for you.
Plerng: I feel that you’re my good friend too.
Sita: Is there a way that will make you–
She looks away.
Sita: To not go back to Ranong?
Plerng: But it’s my home..
Non still watches on..
Sita: Then.. can I visit you there?
Plerng: You are always welcome there.
Sita: You promise?
Plerng: Yes I promise.
And she smiles at him. (She didn’t get the pinky swear promise that Numfon did…)

The next morning, the group arrives at the boat lagoon. Mr. Lee’s assistant tells them that the boat is currently being prepared and to wait a bit. The group decides to disperse: Sita and Non get coffee, Numfon said she wanted to go for a walk. Plerng looks at her retreating back and just can’t help but smile. She’s making him a grinning fool lately. The hit-men watch them from a distance.

Numfon stares out at the dock and stifles a wide yawn.
Plerng approaches her from behind.
Plerng: It looks like you’re really sleepy. You should go back to sleep.
Numfon: And who forced me to have a difficult time?
Plerng smiles.
Plerng: I feel bad, that’s why I’m here to walk with you. I’m afraid you’ll fall asleep and fall into the sea.
Numfon: Hey, I’m not that clumsy.
They stroll together.
Plerng: It’s so nice out.
Numfon agrees.
The two hit-men trails behind them.
As they walk further, she sees the two men watching them and feels uneasy.
Plerng: What’s wrong?
Numfon: Don’t turn around. These two people are following us. Let’s walk faster.
She grabs his arm.
Plerng: How do you know they are following us? Are you having problems with other people again?
They argue as far as who likes to cause trouble.
But the hit-man pulls out a gun and Numfon screeches gun!
Plerng grabs her hand and they run, the two men chase them and fires a shot. Numfon screams as they continue running.The hit-man fires another shot but soon lose their tail and decide to split up. Plerng creeps from behind one of the men and hits him on the head with a hefty stick. The two  runs again.

Mom, Non and Sita are waiting for Plerng and Numfon but doesn’t see them coming back. The assistant proclaims that the boat is ready so Non goes out to the dock, searching for them.

Plerng and Numfon are cornered by the other hit-man and the only way is to run towards the end of the dock. Numfon appears exhausted as Plerng pulls her along. She recommends that they call the cops but Plerng says they don’t have enough time and finds a boat tied to the dock. He quickly jumps in, help Numfon in and took off- he is skillful at speed racing with a car and boat, apparently. The hit-men are on their tail and steals the boat next to the dock as well. A fishermen came by and realizes that those two men stole his boat and immediately runs for help.

Non could not find the duo as he comes back to Sita and Mom. They see a fishermen running to the Assistant and tells him that the boats are stolen but he doesn’t know who those men were (with guns.)

Plerng and Numfon are atop the “Deep Blue Sea” speeding across the sea as the hit-men follows them closely and shoots at them. Numfon screams as she hears every gunshot and tells Plerng to do something. Plerng merely tells her to hold on tight.

In the main house in Bangkok, Lin was cleaning a plate but accidentally sends it crashing to the ground. Phong helps but cuts her finger and is immediately concerned for Plerng. She is superstitious- it is bad luck to break a plate. Her motherly instincts reels in.

The assistant calls the cops to report the missing duo.

The hit-men are gaining distance to Plerng and Numfon’s boat. As they close in, they aimed for the gas tank. Plerng’s main goal is to lose them, but not exactly sure where he’s going as he drives even further into the sea. The final shot hit the mark, Plerng and Numfon immediately jump off the boat and the boat explodes into flames.

The hit-men felt assured that they were dead.

Moments later, Plerng and Numfon surface and Plerng holds on to her as she is unconscious.

The cops told mom, Non and Sita to go home and wait for the news. Let the cops do their duty. The cops get into their boat and drives away. Mom is frantic, she prays that they are safe. Sita believes that they have to be safe.

Grandma walks in on Lin and Phong making so much noise about the plate. Lin is surprised that grandma is not angry about her breaking the plate. Grandma says that between the plate and people, she knows who’s more important. Lin continues telling grandma about Phong’s fears- that she is superstitious. Grandma tells Phong to be careful and that Plerng will call if something is wrong. Phong scolds Lin for talking too much.

Nut receives a phone call from his hit-man.
Nut: Both are dead?
The hit-man tells him that there are no evidences to mark them.
Nut: I didn’t tell you to do that!
He looks away and says regretfully: Numfon…

As water connects with land, Plerng carries Numfon on his shoulder as she is still unconcious. He finally makes it to land and puts her down, then lays down himself. Soon, he passes out from exhaustion.

Grandma is concerned about Phong’s instincts so she tries to call every phone, but no one answers.

Mom refuses to leave the dock as she looks out to the sea for Numfon and Plerng. The two kids try to convince her to leave but she is restless. The day is hot and bright, mom almost blacks out so Sita and Non immediately ushers her back.

Numfon wakes up with the sun on her face. She looks around confused. Then she sees Plerng passed out. She shakes him but he doesn’t wake up. Numfon rests her head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat. He’s not dead, she mutters. Numfon grabs him by the legs and drags him closer to the land but she soon falls down from his heavy weight. She tries shaking him again. “What should I do?” she asks herself and it dawns on her, mouth to mouth resuscitation! She pushes his head back and pinches his nose. Then several times, blows air into his mouth.

Plerng soon wakes up, with her finger still pinching his nose.
Plerng: What are you doing?
Numfon: Trying to save your life.
Plerng: Save my life?
He sits up.
Plerng: For what? I’m fine.
Numfon: Well I saw that you fainted.
Plerng: Fainted? I was tired from carrying you from the sea. You were the one who fainted.
Numfon: Oh really?
Numfon notices blood on his sleeve and bicep.
Plerng: It’s nothing.
She rips her own shirt as a mean to care for his wound. After cleaning it, she returns, ripped his sleeves then wrapped her fabric around his arm.
Plerng looks at her the entire time.
Plerng: Thank you.
She nods her head and looks around: Where are we?
They glance around the sandy beach, the green trees.
Plerng: I don’t know either. We must have drifted to some island.
Numfon: I will make a phone call!
She pulls her purse from around her shoulders and digs out her phone.
Numfon: It’s broken. How am I going to call everyone?
Plerng: I’m dumbstruck too, not sure how you’re going to make a phone call. (He says sarcastically.)
Then he teases her. Plerng looks around again and walks off.
Numfon: Where are you going?
Plerng: To look around the island and see if there are any homes here.
Numfon runs after him: Wait for me!

Non and Sita are back at the home in Phuket.
Non: The cops called, they are still looking for them. How’s auntie?
Sita: She took some meds and is now asleep.
Sita says worriedly: The ocean is so big, I’m scared.
She begins to cry and Non takes her hand.
Non: You have to be strong. We can only wait. But we must wait with conscience. I will be by your side.
Sita: Thank you. I will be stronger.
Non: Good..
Sita: Did you call home yet? (Imagine that, she’s looking up to him for guidance!)

The turquoise sea crashes softly against the ragged rocks that Plerng and Numfon are climbing. He holds her hand occasionally to help her through the rocks. As they make it through the rocky surface, Plerng exclaimed that they are at the same place. The two look at each other and yells: stuck on an island?!
Numfon: You used to live by the sea, you should know where we’re at.
Plerng: Phuket.
Numfon: I know it’s Phuket. But where?
Plerng: I don’t know everything.
Numfon: Do you think that we’ll get home today?
Plerng: No, it looks like we have to stay here tonight.
Numfon: I don’t want to stay here, I want to go home.
She grabs his arm and pleads.
Plerng: Someone will come help us. Don’t freak out yet.
Numfon: Do you have a way to find people to help us?
He looks at her.

Plerng flexes his boyscout skills as he rubs a stick into the crevices of a bamboo sheet. Smoke starts to rise. Numfon says clearly he has intellect.
Plerng: Yes, because people without intellect can’t make a fire.
Numfon: Are you saying that I don’t have intellect?
Plerng: If you want some intellect, go get some more wood so we can have more smoke.
Numfon: Why do we need a lot of smoke?
Plerng: So people would know that we are stuck on an island.
(Can’t argue with that logic!)
Numfon gets up and hunts for wood.

Uncle Root receives a call from his son and learns that Plerng and Numfon are missing. He gets angry that Non didn’t tell him the moment it happened, but Non said he wanted to find them himself first and didn’t want him to worry. Root tells his son that if he has any other information to call right away, and to also keep this from grandma.

Numfon feeds more wood into their fire, more smoke rises. Plerng suddenly has an idea, he uses a stick to write the letters SOS on the sandy beach. Numfon sees it and walks over to him.
Numfon: Do you really think an airplane is going to fly by and see this? If they see it, how can they get here, there’s no runway. How can you even think of it..
And she laughs.
Plerng: Whether it works or not, I don’t know. At least I have the intellect to think, better than people who don’t think of anything at all.
And leaves her stewing mad.

Lin browses through the books in grandma’s office. She pulls out a book about Phuket and exclaims how beautiful the beaches are. Even Ranong doesn’t compare. Grandma shakes her head at Lin. Root comes in and asks about Phong, says he needed to talk to her. Curious, Lin says that Uncle Root looks strange. Grandma says that Lin is too nosy but Lin says that grandma looks like she wanted to know so Lin thought to listen for her. Grandma and Lin have truly cute banters. Grandma scolds Lin again and gets her to agree not to eavesdrop.

Root tells Phong that Perng and Numfon are missing. She starts to burst into tears and says that it’s not true right? Root tells her that the cops are looking for them. He knows that she is worried, he is too, but they can’t tell anyone else, especially grandma. Her condition may worsen. Phong tells Root to notify her of any new information. Lin stands by the door listening, worried. (She’s not very good at following orders.)

Plerng sharpens a wooden stick into a spear as Numfon looks for him.
Numfon: What are you doing?
Plerng: Using this to find food. We must find our own food otherwise we’ll be hungry all night.
Numfon: Don’t tell me that you’re going to use that to find fish like in a movie? I don’t know how to do it.
Plerng: Do you know how to do anything useful besides eating?
Numfon: Yes, I’m wrong about everything. I can’t compete with you. Do it then, I’d like to see how many fish you can catch.
And Plerng goes away with a shake of his head. He disappears down the rocky slopes.
She grabs her stomach in hunger and decides to look for him. But Plerng was no where to be found. She screams “Can you hear me?” Then she screams his name but no sound. She starts to panic, “It’s not funny, come back, don’t do this.”

Exactly! Don’t do this to us.. that is the end of our weekend with Plerng Toranong! Tune in next Friday to find out their adventures in the island. Will Numfon be of use or will our hero have to feed her and provide warmth?

In the preview for next week, we see that they are awaken in a compromising position, then Plerng approaches Numfon and that he must marry her to protect her honor (you guessed it!) We see Nut screaming that Plerng has taken every last thing from him.

Will this drive him to do something even worst to them? So many questions, so many misunderstandings and so many problems that are yet to be resolved. But that only means we get to see more of PT and witness how everything gets unraveled… For now, we shall contemplate and anticipate..

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