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Plerng Toranong – Ep 10 on 7/30/2011


Let’s get this show on the road everybody! Episode 10 reveals successful TV appearance for Plerng, more conflict between our four lovebirds (I’m completely discounting Lin because she’s just.. insignificant) which means awkward meals, jealous and longing scenes, nostalgic memories of each other but solidifies that Plerng and Numfon has some serious feelings for one another. Not to mention, Boot and kids attempt to take down Thai Diamond. Nonetheless this episode propels us forward, to what we’ve been waiting for tomorrow…

Today’s episode reels us back to the conversation between Plerng and Numfon as they film his first TV appearance. Plerng is a nervous wreck and can only respond with clip answers. Irritated that he could not grasp the simple act of talking in front of the camera, Numfon walks off. The director and customer tells him to take it easy and he can do it. They even told him to take a break and practice the script a little more. Plerng walks to Numfon, picks up the script and sits down next to her.

Plerng: Numfon, instead of being in a bad mood, can you teach me and show me what I should do. It will help speed up our job.
Numfon thinks about it for a moment: Fine, I can teach you.
She takes the script and begins coaching him, from what he should do and what he should say.
Plerng practices the script as Numfon watches on with annoyance, thinking that it was too easy.

Moments later, the camera rolls. Plerng appears to do a 180; he went from a self conscious person in front of the camera, to someone who is comfortable and capable. Plerng and Numfon are able to converse naturally and affectionately onscreen. Plerng introduces the dishes that are featured and recommends that viewers should order it. Numfon tries the dish and exclaims that it is good. The crew watches on with a smile, Non and Sita are also there and they smile.
Everyone compliments that he is great and learns so quickly.
Numfon said that it should be that way, before she gets up and notices her sister.

Sita approaches Plerng. Non stands by Numfon as they watch the two. Non asks Numfon what she is thinking about as he notices that she seems preoccupied. She said that she was just reading the script but Non thinks she has other things on her mind. Numfon changes the subject and asks how he came with Sita. Non mentions that Sita wanted to see Plerng and asks him to tag along as a friend. He says that Sita and Plerng are well suited. (I despise this term, it is repeated religiously throughout this lakorn thus far and it reminds me of the climax of CLTCL where Nam pats Shone on the shoulders and said that he is “well suited” with his new girlfriend.) Numfon agrees.
Plerng wants to read over the script with Numfon but notices that she is talking to Non and doesn’t want to interrupt. He looks at them reluctantly. One thing is clear, he is perturbed when he sees them together.

They tape the final aspect of the show, Numfon gets the nitty gritty of his position as well as his personal life.
Numfon: Right now, what aspect of Thai Diamond are you working with?
Plerng: I manage the marketing department of Thai Diamond.
Numfon: Do you have a method (or way) to increase your client base?
Plerng: Right now, I’m trying to introduce Thai gems to the European and American market.
As he speaks, the crew smiles at his answer.
Numfon mentions that it is wonderful that he is using Thai gems to open the market.
Numfon: Now that we’ve talked about your work, let’s move onto more personal matters. What do you like to do on your free time?
Plerng: I spend my time with my mom, I just lost my father and I want to be able to spend as much time that I have with my mom. Outside of that, I use my time looking at diamonds and evaluating them with the employees at Thai Diamond.
Numfon: How meaningful.
Sita looks at Non and said that Plerng is so great. Non looks back at her and agrees.
Numfon closes the show and thanks Plerng and the viewers. They smile at each other, I smile at them.
Excellent, Non exclaims as Plerng and Numfon walks towards them.
Plerng: Not to that extent, the producer hasn’t even complimented me yet.
Sita tells Numfon to say something encouraging to him.
Numfon: Good enough.
And she walks off.
Non receives a phone call from his dad, he wanted to invite both Sita and Numfon to dinner at the house.

Everyone is seated around the table, Grandma, Uncle Root, Non, Numfon and Sita. It turns out Lin, Phong and Plerng are serving the food, which presents quite a disturbing image. They then invite both Phong and Plerng to join them at the table and Lin forwardly asks to sit as well. Before dinner can commence however, Boot and Nari storms in and says that they didn’t realize that there was a party. Grandma tells them to join but if they were going to stir up trouble, they can leave. Boot immediately lashes out and accuses grandma for having a plan and that one day Plerng will take all of their fortune. (Apparently that is all she ever cares about.)

Boot and Nari head back to the living room and Nari tells her mom that she should not have said what she said to grandma. Boot says that she was hurt and that Nut is missing and no one cares. With a cry, she runs to her room. Nari phone rings and it’s Nut, he tells her not to tell mom that he called because he didn’t want her to worry. He tells Nari to meet him tonight.. upon which the exchange will occur. Pairod tells Nut that he is true with Nari and he won’t do anything to her until they are married. Nut trusts the man who originally wanted nothing to do with him after the event. Pairod hands over an envelope of money and snickers when Nut leaves.

Back at the big house, Sita helps bring back plates to the kitchen. She convinces Phong that she can help with the dishes. Phong exclaims that not only is Sita capable at work, she also knows how to do housework. Numfon walks by and sees them doing the dishes together. Phong says to Sita that Plerng tells her that Sita is pretty and smart, and that he is happy to be working with her. Sita could not stop smiling as she says that Plerng never told her this. Numfon listens by the door with a sad look on her face.

Non and Plerng are in grandma’s room with Lin to make sure she eats and takes her medicine on time. To get rid of the boys, grandma does as she is told but asks Lin to help her prepare for bed. I have a mind to say that Lin must LOVE Plerng to give up her easy life in Ranong, where she can boss the merchants around. Now she is like a servant and can’t even stalk the man she loves.

Numfon wanders the garden and sits alone. Non sees her and asks where Sita was.
Numfon: Are you doing ok? (when it comes to Sita situation.)
Non: Why wouldn’t I be?
Numfon: You are a good person, one day your love will be fulfilled.
Non: I just want her to be happy and if she loves someone I am happy for her. If it happens to be Plerng, I know that he will take good care of her.
Numfon: It is good you can think like that..
Non looks at her, as if he could see another person who is going through the same thing.
Non: What about you?
Numfon: Love is not so beautiful after all.
Non: You speak like you’re hurting.
Numfon: Why would I be hurting?
Non: Numfon.. it’s Plerng right?
Numfon panics: what?

Plerng walks to the balcony and observes Non and Numfon talking in the garden. Sita walks in and asks if he has seen Numfon.
Plerng: She’s down there with Non.
Sita: Want to go down? It’s nice out..
Plerng mentions that he doesn’t want to interrupt them. Sita explains that Non and Numfon were close since they were kids.
Plerng looks on sadly, Sita had to call his name twice to get his attention.
Sita: What’s wrong?
Plerng: Nothing..
Sita: Do you have someone on your mind?
He denies it.
Sita: Who knows.. sometimes you might have someone who secretly likes you.
Plerng: If you mean Lin, I can assure you that we are not more than brothers and sisters.
Sita looks down and says that she doesn’t mean Lin.
Plerng: No one.
Sita: Is it no one or you don’t open your heart to look at anyone?
She looks away.

Non looks at Numfon, waiting for an answer.
Numfon: Why are you looking at me that way?
Non: You haven’t told me, it’s Plerng right?
Numfon says quickly: No way. He’s not good like you. I think he’s after the inheritance.
Non: Nut and Boot told you right?
Numfon confirms yes and was about to bring Plerng’s dad heart up but stops herself in time.
Non: Listen to me Numfon, when you’re seeing someone in a bad light without knowing someone, you miss the opportunity to know them. I’m asking you to get to know Plerng before you make up your mind about him.

Lin paces grandma’s bedroom, waiting for her to leave the bathroom. When all is set, she goes in search of Plerng but sees him talking with Sita. She blows up. She grabs his arms and says that since he has to work tomorrow, they should head back home. Plerng says they have guests here and should entertain them. Lin offends Sita some more and Numfon walks in and tells Plerng to control his person. A girl fight almost ensues but Plerng stops Lin in time. He apologizes for Lin for her childishness. Numfon makes a snide remark and Plerng says that Lin is not the only one acting childish. Sita gets in the middle of the two and says that they both can’t be nice to each other for long. Little did she know that the two are so pent up with frustration about the way they feel that they lash out at each other.

Non and Plerng walks Numfon and Sita to their car, and the love conflict draws even tighter.

As Numfon drives away, Non asks Plerng how he feels about Sita.
Plerng: What do you mean?
Non: I mean.. do you like Sita?
Plerng: Why do you think like that?
Non: You don’t have to be embarrassed. If you like her, I will cheer you on.
Plerng: Stop thinking about it, we are just friends. You can’t cheer me on.
Plerng leaves. Non looks at his retreating back. (Non should do a happy dance. But the guy has it in his head that he wants Sita to be happy and be with Plerng. Gah.)

While Numfon drives, Sita turns to her in the car and asks if she thinks Plerng and his mom is cute. Numfon thinks her sister is crazy and warns her to be careful, he is just pretending to be nice and hiding the truth. Sita wonders why Numfon still sees Plerng in a bad way. Sita is adamant that Plerng is a good and true person and that Numfon will just have to wait and see.

Nut has found a new spot for hiding and tells the front desk that he’s not receiving any calls. Nari goes to meet him in the restaurant but angrily leaves when she sees Pairod. She wanted nothing to do with him, but she gets kidnapped and she meets the worst fate.

And.. we start the nostalgic, reminiscent moments between the four lovebirds.

We have Plerng, sitting on the front steps of his house. In his loose PJ’s and laid back hair, he is lost in thought about Numfon. He remembers her holding his hands, the time they drove to Ranong together where he took care of her, and their Viva L’Amor dance. Unknowingly, he is smiling from ear to ear as he recalls those moments. His mom walks in as he stares out into the clear night. She wonders why he’s sitting alone and smiling. He explains that he was just thinking. But his mom says that she feels that her son is acting like someone in love. Plerng quickly changes the subject and asks if his mom will be staying with grandma for the night. Phong catches his drift and tells him that love is not a bad thing. It is really a good thing. When she leaves, he smiles.

We have Numfon, gazing outwards too. But she is not smiling, instead, she is sad and confused as she recalls what Nut told her, that Plerng is trying to take the family fortune and he sold his dad’s heart. The worst that still stayed with her is that he sold his dad’s heart.. first impression goes a long way. What will it take for Numfon to trust Plerng? Numfon then pictures Plerng and she remembers his kindness; the time that he allows her to tape the market.. she says out loud “So are you good or bad?” Deep down she knows the answer but refuses to believe it.

Sita walks in and sees Numfon.
Sita: Thinking about your boyfriend?
Numfon: No..
Sita: You look like a person in love.
Numfon: Me? In love? With Who?
Sita: Non
Numfon: Non and I are like sisters and brothers.
But Sita pushes on that it was strange that they both were talking if they were only sisters/brothers.
Numfon: I did it so you have more time to be closer to Plerng.
Sita smiles: I’m sorry I misunderstood.
Numfon: Ok, stop thinking about it then (about her and Non)
Numfon goes to her room, leaving Sita grinning by herself.

Then we have Non who ponders about Sita, he remembers how she is always complimenting Plerng. He remembers the moment he was rejected after giving her a bouquet and professing his love to her. He gets teary eyed and says.. I will be the best friend for you.. Sita.

Grandma sits alone in bed then Phong arrives with her medicine. Grandma asks Phong if she has noticed if Plerng loves or likes anyone. Phong says that she’s been noticing that he’s thinking about someone but he is good at hiding his feelings (his mom knows him so well..) but if he loves or likes someone, then she is happy to accept it. Which made Grandma angry because of what she has done in the past. Phong apologizes profusely, that she didn’t mean it that way. Grandma was about to say something but decides against it, instead she goes to bed with a knowing smile. What is grandma up to?

Nari awakes in a strange room, finds out that it is Pairod’s house and he forces her into his room. By her screams, we can determine the outcome. She comes home the next day, her head down, her walk unsteady as she climbs the stairs. She ignores her mom who immediately yells at her and Nari runs to her room where she cries. Her phone rings and Pairod blackmails her with a video that he taped of them. She must do as he bid. Now we see the bigger picture for Pairod, his goal was more than having her as his play thing, he wanted her to help him bring down Thai Diamond as her brother did.

Due to the competition and bad rep, Thai Diamond has lost some employees so they will be hiring new ones. Uncle Root assigns new jewelry design to be worked and told the manager to ensure that they don’t hire people like Somchai again (Nut’s accomplice.)

Nari complies and gets Pairod what he needs. She is crying under the sheets as we can surmise that he has abused her again. (These scenes are hard for me to watch, even if it is directed for the villains. I have no tolerance for female cruelty or abuse. It is disturbing that scenes like these are the norm for many Thai lakorns.) Nari must agree to continue to help Pairod otherwise he will kill both her and her brother. Pairod tells Nut that Nari will be helping him, Nut is surprised but Pairod refuses to tell him the method he used.

Thai Diamond is going through a rough time, customers are backing out of the contract and losing confidence in them due to the bad rep and fake jewelry. Some mention that once their image is fixed, they can work together in the future. Boot tries to blame Plerng on this but Root defends him, says that it’s really Nut’s fault that they’re in this situation. Root asks for Boot’s help and she agrees.. When Root leaves, Boot mentions why would she help Plerng, it is good they are losing business. Perhaps she is not aware that she will be affected by the lost in business as well..

Non, Root and Plerng devise a plan to improve the company’s image and keep the current customers they have. Root is afraid that they may require a lot of time.. but Non has an idea. He says that this week Plerng’s interview will be released and people will know him a little better. Non thinks that Plerng and Numfon should do a photo shoot together.

At the pergola on a sunny afternoon, Plerng asks Numfon to model with him for a magazine.
Numfon screeches: A photo shoot?
Plerng: Yes.
Numfon thinks about it: No.
Plerng: Why? The magazine that Non chose is well known.
Numfon: I know that, but the problem is that I don’t like photo shoots.
Plerng: Really? I thought you like doing famous people thing..
Numfon: So are you here to beg me or bug me?
Plerng: I’m sorry. but I want you to help. I am requested only to take photos with you.
Numfon: Really?
Plerng: Yes, and it will be like the Glory of Love set to show off the diamonds.
Numfon smiles eagerly. She mutters that it will come out beautifully.
Plerng: So you want to do it?
Numfon: No way.
Plerng: If it were me, I would help you.
Numfon: What? No you would not..
Plerng: If you don’t want to help, then that’s fine. Thanks for coming out and meeting me.
And he walks away.
Numfon: Hey, what kind of a guy are you, so sensitive. I was only teasing.
Plerng turns towards her and grins. They both smile at each other.

Numfon’s mom visits Grandma at the house and puts in a good word for Phong, saying that her selfless actions shows that she really is a good person. Grandma should reconsider her. At this point we know that grandma sees the goodness in Phong but not yet ready to admit it. (I take it Plerng gets his stubborn side from grandma?) As Numfon’s mom leaves, Boot sees her and angrily says that everyone is on Plerng’s side. Suddenly, Boot came up with an idea and seeks Nari’s help to get rid of Plerng once and for all. Only Nari is not interested. She wants to study abroad. Her mom flips out and says she does everything for her and Nut.

The next day, Plerng and Numfon appears on TV. Her mom and sister watches on, her mom can’t stop complimenting Plerng. Soon, Numfon brings her laptop over to show them the huge responses that she’s receiving from viewers. Her mom hopes that this will be able to help Thai Diamond.

And the magazine photoshoot commences!
Plerng and Numfon don their Viva L’Amor outfit and begin posing. The cutest pose was when Plerng touches her chin with this fingers and gazes at her, they were inches from each other. Everyone watch the two and evaluate. The two has so much chemistry, I’m surprise Sita hasn’t noticed. At the end of the magazine shoot, Plerng has to do an interview. The reporters ask him about the bad news surrounding Thai Diamond and what his plans are for resolving them. Plerng thank them for their interest and he will do his best to make Thai Diamond number one again, they need to assure the quality of the diamond. The reporters then open questions about his personal life. They want to know if he has considered to be boyfriend/girlfriend with Numfon. Plerng looks at Numfon uncertainly. She comes to his rescue and says that they are just friends in the business. Plerng looks sadly at her and confirms her remark, they are simply friends. Sita beams at them, Non looks at Numfon and then at Sita. Plerng peers sadly at Numfon and Numfon peaks back at him. What a mess. The only person who appears to be happy is Sita.

Time passes and the magazine is out! Phong is thrilled and can’t stop staring at her son’s face on the cover of the magazine. Boot reads it, throws it to the ground, and steps over it. Grandma is surrounded by Non, Root and Plerng as she reads the magazine. She is happy with the outcome and that Plerng did well. Non chimes in that they received comments from people that Plerng is handsome and smart. He has improved Thai Diamond’s image. Grandma then invites Plerng and his mom to move into the big house. Plerng refuses, says that everything he did is for Thai Diamond, not because he wants something out of it. Grandma worries about what people will think by him living in the small, garden house, but Plerng says that it will not be much longer until he goes back to Ranong. Grandma looks annoyed when she hears it.

But even the magazine couldn’t help things.. an angry, old time customer was livid that he received three fake diamonds. He insults Thai Diamond and tells Plerng to go back to business school. Ouch.

Root couldn’t believe that all three were fake. He is worried that they have another thief in their company. They approach Boot, and Boot is offended. She shows them her safe and everything is in order. They asked her to keep it a secret for now, they don’t want anyone else to know the news about another fake diamond.

Boot approaches Nari when Nari arrives from her onslaught, she wants the missing jewelry to be big news and Nari is responsible for making it big otherwise she will be disowned. Damn if you do and damn if you don’t. Nari is getting pressured from all sides.

And we’re out.. I am sitting on the edge of my seat as I watch the preview. Everything in the past two episodes lead to tomorrow’s episode! Based on the preview, Nut pays someone to get rid of Plerng, Plerng and Numfon goes missing and finally, the long awaited island scenes as we see them jump into the water and a boat explodes. We even have a mouth to mouth resuscitation! Stay tune for Sunday’s episode folks!

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