Viva L’Amor is underway on episode 7 and there is excitement for the new jewelry, the concept, as well as the fashion show. The evening continues with Plerng and Sita inviting the models to adorn their jewelry. One by one they file in and Numfon appears last. Her hair is swept up and she is wearing a blue, green and purple dress that is tied at the neck and sweeps down. Plerng is mesmerized, he could not take his eyes off of her.

Uncle Root takes hold of the microphone and is about to open the event when Boot convinces him to give up the mic to her, saying that people would think badly of him since he is a younger brother trying to outdo his older sister. There’s no point in arguing so Root relents and the show commences.

Back in the room, Sita asks Plerng what he thought. Plerng gazes at Numfon and quickly said, “Beautiful..” which made Numfon smile shyly. “I meant,” Plerng continues, “to say that all of the jewelry that you’ve taken out are all beautiful.” And Numfon stomps back to the sofa. Sita wishes her sister the best and she and Plerng heads into the event. As the models prepare to enter the catwalk, one of the model said she needed to use the bathroom and the male model accompanies her.

Boot’s announcement in English is just as comical as her actions when she proceeds to give credit to Ananta (Sita), her son and daughter which caused everyone’s eyebrows to go up. Especially Lin who bellows, “Liar!” She was flabbergasted on behalf of Plerng who worked so hard to put the event together. Root and Non told her to calm down and that Plerng doesn’t need anything. All he needed is for grandmother to know.

On their way to the bathroom, the two models decided to film what’s going on in the event. But as they turn the corner, they caught two men and Nut on tape. Furious, Nut told the two men to apprehend the man and get a hold of the cellphone. And Nut quickly searches for Numfon.

He finds her practicing her routine in the parking garage and asks to speak with her. Nut begs her to get back together and give him one more chance because he’s still in love with her. But Numfon said that everything is over and that they should be friends. Nut accuses Numfon that she didn’t want to get back with him because of Plerng. Numfon said it was because of him. But he’s relentless and grabs her hands saying that he wasn’t willing to let her go. As he forces a hug, Nut quickly disengages her necklace. The power went out and everything turned to complete darkness. When the power came back on, the jewelry is no longer on her neck. Numfon reaches down for the necklace on the floor- and we know now that she has the fake ones. We have to give it to Nut, he was pretty smart.

Plerng and Sita returns to the room to ensure a smooth production when he found out that two sets of jewelry are still in its box case. Plerng requested that all of the models come back in.

Root opens the show but learns that the models are not ready and she flips out. Which leaves all of the guests to wonder what was going on.

Sita tests the authenticity of all of the jewelries and claimed that they all were real except for Numfon’s. By now, everyone was in the room and Nut said that since Plerng took care of the whole event, he was to blame for the fake jewelry. The model (that was taking the video) runs in screaming for help and brought the male model in. He was beaten up and claimed that the two men that was with Nut did that to him. After they asked him why, he said that Nut wanted the phone. Nut said that he didn’t know the two men and it must be Plerng’s men (the gall!) However, the model gave him the wrong phone and they took out the real phone. When they saw Nut’s face on the video, he takes off running. Non and Plerng chase him down the hall but only Plerng was able to apprehend him. Yet Nut finds help, he runs into the car, drops the jewelry and was able to get away.

Boot screams, completely in denial. Her brother told her that it is time to accept the truth.

Since they are now short one male model and the main one too, Numfon was afraid that she would have to model the jewelry alone. But Plerng said that it wouldn’t suit the concept, Glory of Love.. and the camera focuses in on Plerng’s face.

Mother and daughter Boot and Nari continues crying but in the end worried that grandma would cut Nut out of the inheritance.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for begins! The music blares, the spotlight is on the catwalk and the dancers begin their magic. The final moment came when Numfon is in Plerngs arms and they pose, then he dips her, lifts her and repeats. It was a hot moment. The unforgettable part is Plerng’s expression, he looks absolutely intense as if he was about to eat her.

After the fashion show, the press was all over it. It was a great concept and Sita gave Plerng all of the credit, which made the reporters wonder about Plerng’s role and position in the company. Sita said he was the grandson of Thai Diamond. The reporters inquired why they never see him around and Sita explains that Plerng doesn’t like to go out much. Numfon’s mom mentioned to Numfon that Sita speaks up for Plerng a lot.

When Plerng returned home, he told his mom what a success the event was and they have a lot of people who signed up to do business with them. He was confident that he will be able to make the profit as agreed with grandma. Lin came behind grumpily, and asked Plerng why he went on stage with Numfon. Did he like her? Plerng ignores her and walks to his room. That question doesn’t warrant a reply. Phong was upset with Lin and told her that she could have asked if she wanted to go to the event. Taking the invitation without permission is like stealing.

The following day, Nut’s crime was all over the newspaper. Root and Non (with Boot and Nari present) told grandma the whole story, starting from the moment they were suspicious of someone stealing the real jewelry and putting in fake ones. Then they brought a folder with contracts and agreements with European/American customers. Grandma announces that she will appoint Plerng in Nut’s position. Upon hearing this, Boot looks like she was about to get an aneurysm.

Grandma later calls Plerng in, she smiles when she was alone but when he came in, she immediately frowns again. She told him that he will now be the manager. When Plerng declines, she told him it was an order. She asked him how he was getting to work. He usually takes the cab but grandma is unhappy about this and told him to take one of the many cars they have. Plerng said thank you but he didn’t want to bother his grandma with it. When Plerng walks out, grandma said he was as stubborn as his father. Som Ang said that he is nicer than his father.

Nut meets with Pairod. Pairod says that he doesn’t think it is a good idea that they continue to see each other. Last night Nut failed and the cops are after him. When Nut angrily refuses, Pairod punches him with the gun.

Desperate, Nut tries to use his credit card on the ATM but it didn’t work. After calling his mom, he agrees to meet with her. He blames the whole thing on Perng, said that he was in this situation because of him. Boot knew it, she knew that her son would never do this to his family. Then she tells him to go home with her. And the moment of truth.. (we have to hand it to Aof, he is acting so well as the bad guy) Nut said that he can’t. Everything he did was because he needed the money to improve himself. He said that grandma never sees them and that she’s keeping it all for Perng. He asks, how are you sure that she won’t hand everything off to him when she dies. She holds 30% share, Pipat has 20%, which means that Perng will have the most share and be able to run the company. Mom finally says that she will do everything to help him. Then she gives him money and she cries. I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

Boot and Nari asks grandma for help and told her to pay off the cops. Grandma becomes livid because it wasn’t the right thing to do. In the end, Boot’s fears are acknowledged and she tells grandma her suspicions. She said that grandma loves Pipat more than her and always will. She even said that grandma and Perng contrived to get rid of Nut. Grandma’s weak heart condition increased.

Perng, Sita, Non and Numfon are having lunch when a few girls spotted him and wanted to take a photo with him. He’s like a celebrity. Once it was over, Numfon asked to speak with Perng alone. They were outside and Numfon looks uncomfortable. She’s finally taking a bite out of the delicious humble pie.

Plerng: Did I do something to make you unhappy?
Numfon: No..I want to apologize.. that I used to see you in the wrong way.
Perng smiles.
Plerng: A person who knows how to say sorry is really cute, do you know that?
Numfon smiles shyly.
Plerng: I meant it to those you can say they’re sorry, not to compliment that you’re cute.
Numfon gets offended.
Numfon: I’m trying to speak nicely to you.You just keep scolding me.
Plerng: I’m not scolding you. I’m just saying so you can think. Don’t be mad. So now.. we can be friends right?
She gives him a smile and nods her head.
Plerng extends his pinky to her (Thai lakorn is notorious for his scene, they think pinky swear is cute.)

The two continue to pinky swear and look at each other. Numfon is shy but she can’t stop smiling.

Sita’s mom said to her, you keep talking about Plerng, what about Non? Numfon said that Non likes you. But Sita said that there’s no way she would see him in that way. Then mom asks her if she can see Perng that way and she quietly says yes. Her mom knew that Numfon was cheering on the wrong person.

Back at Plerng’s house, his mom said that grandma asked her to give him clothes, a car and everything else that will suit his new position. Plerng declines once again because he doesn’t need those things. He asked his mom why she took it. She said that she understands where grandma is coming from. You have to look good when you’re working for the company and once you stop working here, you won’t need to use it. Plerng concedes.

Non sits alone in the big house, thinking about Sita. His dad joins him and asked what he was thinking about. He said work but his dad said it doesn’t look like he was thinking about work. Non looks so forlorn so his dad said that sometimes you just need to talk, let it out and it might make you feel better.

The next morning Grandma cancels her second meeting with the doctor. Som Ang is very concerned so when Plerng approaches her, she told him that she’s worried about grandma. The doctor said that she needs a regular check up. Plerng finds out that since her heart transplant, his grandma hasn’t seen the doctor since.

Plerng decides to see his Grandma, he thanked her for everything that she has given him. Then Plerng says he’d like for grandma to see what he’s planning next for the company but that he would need to take her there. After she agrees, she discovers that he took her to the hospital instead. Angry, she told him that it is her body and she should know what she needed to do. Plerng said that it’s not just her body, which made her suspicious. But he continued on, he meant that the person who donated his heart would like her to be strong. She should get a check up because it will make the donar happy. She finally agrees.

As he pushes her wheelchair and she looks up, grandma sees Pipat. She told Plerng, do you know that the first time I was hurt, your dad drove me as well? This made Plerng truly happy.

The doctor said that everything looks well on Grandma, but she needs to start exercising to improve her health.

Desperate, Boot looks for Numfon at her work place. She begged Numfon to help Nut, she even said that Plerng was behind all of this. (Wow seriously?) I’m afraid Numfon is getting her ears blown again. Numfon asked her what she can help Nut with.. then Boot said that she must tell the cops that the jewelry wasn’t on her neck. Boot even said that Numfon has known Nut since she was a kid, how can she think he would do such a thing? But Numfon said that if he wasn’t in the wrong, then she shouldn’t have to lie for him. Boot said that a person like Perng can do anything, he has the most to gain and besides, he sold his dad’s heart. If Numfon doesn’t help Nut, Perng will take everything from Chatiyotin. Then Numfon said that she will help Nut which relieved Boot. Numfon said that she will only tell the truth. Boot said that she’s on Plerng’s side and that she’s leaving her son for Perng.. then she takes off, pissed.

Non brings a bouquet of lillies to Ananta to see Sita. She asked him in what occasion? He told her to read the note. Sita takes the flowers and reads the note: Non Loves Sita.

The next scene we see Non walking alone, dejectedly and crying. He recalls their earlier conversation after she reads the note. She told him that she thinks they should be friends. Poor Non, the guy is totally heartbroken. Cry it out my friend, it’ll make you feel better.

When Plerng took his grandma home, she still wasn’t nice to his mom. But it turns out, that according to Som Ang, Grandma is really happy, especially when she requested a dish that she hasn’t eaten since Pipat left the house.

Boot and Nari feels threatened about Plerng and they warned him that they know what he’s planning on doing. They know that he was after the fortune. Plerng ensures them that they can trust him, whatever he’s promised his aunt, he will follow through. But if they’re telling him not to bother with Grandma, then he can’t do that.

They then decide to warn Grandma about Plerng. But Grandma in the end said that she’s not sure who is the one who want something from her, which leaves Boot stewing mad.

Plerng meets with Numfon under the pergola again (apparently it’s their spot.) He approaches her from behind.

Plerng: Did you need something?
Numfon: Today Boot came to see me at work. She asked me to lie to the cops that Nut didn’t take the things.
Plerng: What did you say?
Numfon: I didn’t agree to do it.
Plerng: She must be very angry with you.
Numfon nods in agreement.
Numfon: She’s not going to stop here. I thinks she’s going to do something. That’s why I called you here to warn you.
Plerng: Are you worried about me?
Numfon: Worried? I just thought it was related to you so I wanted to let you know.
Plerng: It’s not strange that you’re worried about me, after all, we’re friends. Unless you’re thinking something other than that with me..
Numfon: Plerng! Are you crazy? I don’t know why I’m wasting my time with you. I’m leaving.
Plerng: I thought you were taking me out to eat?
Numfon: I’m not eating anymore, lost my appetite.
Plerng just smiles and shakes his head at her retreating form.

Back at Numfon’s home, Sita is knitting. Numfon asked her what she was knitting- a gift. But Sita won’t tell them who it is for. But mom is adamant that the gift must be for Perng. She asked if Sita has asked the person she’s knitting for if they’re going to like the color? Sita thought about that and tried calling him but he turned his phone off. Besides, she’d like for it to be a surprise.

Numfon looks on sadly, is she developing feelings for him? ..and we’re out!

Next episode looks intriguing. Vacation anyone? Numfon is already starting to show some feelings for Plerng, how will she cope with her sister in love with him too? And poor Non, will he continue to be in Sita’s presence even after she rejected him? Plerng has pushed Nut and Root to a corner and they eventually will bite back. How will they seek their revenge? Hopefully we can find out on the next episode!