This lakorn gets better with each episode. Not only are we rewarded with more Plerng and Numfon scenes, we also get Mario’s million dollar smile! Several times too 🙂 I’ve attempted to do a play by play detail conversation between Plerng and Numfon. I can truly understand why subbing is so difficult and requires so much time. There are just certain things that you can’t literally translate (cultural, sayings etc.) I watched the TV version then waited for the youtube version so I can rewind and jot down what they say. It’s not pretty but it’s quick and it’s 3am! Good night ka, took kon (everyone).

So episode 6 picked up where Nut sees Plerng at Numfon’s and he gets crazy jealous.

Nut: You told me you don’t have anything with each other.
Plerng: I just want to come and apologize that I made you and Numfon break up.
Nut: I don’t believe you.
He yanks on her arm and forbids her from seeing Plerng again.
Numfon: You don’t have a right to tell me what to do. We are no longer engaged.
Nut: No, I’m not going to lose you to this guy, understand? From now on, you cannot bother with him again.
Go, and he continues to drag her along.
Plerng: Khun AhNut you need to let her go.
And Nut lets her go and walks up to Plerng, and tells him that he needs to be quiet. He says that Plerng is like his mother who wants to get with rich people. But he’s sorry that he won’t let Numfon to be with Plerng like the way his mother had fooled Pipat.
Plerng: Khun AhNut, apologize to me now.
Nut: Why? Am I correct?
Plerng punches him.

And Numfon immediately ushers Plerng outside and they get into her car and drive away.

Numfon: Are you getting off at work, I’ll take you there.
Plerng: It’s ok, I can get off up front.
Plerng notices Nut’s car
Numfon, if I remember correctly, your boyfriend’s car is following us.
Numfon: P’Nut is following us?
She looks worriedly at him.
Numfon: It is him. Can you stay with me?
Numfon takes a quick left and loses him.

They pull over to the side of the road.
Plerng: I don’t think he can follow us now.
Numfon: Thanks.
Plerng: If that’s it I’ll get off right here.
She grabs his hand.
Numfon: wait. Can you stay with me? I’m scared.
Plerng: But I have a business to attend to.. (or I am busy)
Numfon: Then I’ll go with you. Today P’Nut will follow me all day for sure, you caused the problem so you have to take responsibility.
Plerng: I caused the problem?
Numfon: Yes,
Plerng: Khun Numfon, where I have to go is far.
Numfon: No matter how far, I’m going.
She faces the steering wheel.
Numfon: Say it, where am I driving to?
Plerng: Ranong
Numfon: What?! Ranong?
He nods his head.
Numfon phone rings and it’s P’Nut.

At this point, Uncle Root, Non and Sita are wondering where Plerng went¸ they only know that he on a business trip. It also turns out that Numfon is missing and Sita cannot get a hold of her.

On their way to Ranong, they stopped at a convenience stop, Plerng bought her food but notices that she looks tired.
Plerng: Do you want me to drive for you?
Numfon: It’s ok, I can drive.
Plerng: Ok then let’s go.
Numfon: Hold on, I’m still tired. And I haven’t eaten the food either.
Plerng: You can eat and drive.
Numfon: But
Plerng: I don’t have much time, I’m in a hurry to go and come back.
Numfon: Ok then, you drive.
And Numfon wonders why he is in such a rush and asks him that.
Plerng: Business
Numfon: Thanks, it’s so very clear. (says sarcastically)

And Plerng quickly drives them away.

Nari is wondering why she can’t tell anyone that she is having lunch with Pairod. He said that it might not be good that they see them together. She didn’t see anything wrong with it if they were talking about work. He asked if she wanted only to talk about work. He says he wants to be her friend.

It’s night time and Numfon is fighting drowsiness.
Plerng: If you’re sleepy, you can sleep first. I can go alone.
Numfon: You don’t have to, I’m not sleepy.
Plerng: You’re not sleepy or you don’t dare sleep because you’re afraid of me.
Numfon: That’s right. Either way I don’t trust you.
Plerng: When are you going to stop seeing me in a bad way? If I wanted to do something bad to you, I would have done it a long time ago.

In Bangkok, Lin still waits for Plerng. His mom knows that he won’t be home for a couple of days but he hasn’t said where he was going. And that girl is loud, but she gets no further information but to stew.

Plerng pulls the car to a stop as he realizes Numfon is asleep. After calling her name a few times and with a smile, he realizes she wasn’t going to wake up. So he gets out of the car, walks to her side of the car and adjusts her seat so she can be more comfortable. He then covers her with his jacket and continues on driving.

It’s a beautiful morning in Ranong as Plerng gazes at the sea. Numfon stirs awake and gradually gets out of the car.
Numfon: Plerng, where are we at?
Plerng: My house.
Numfon: Your house? It’s great that you went to sleep in your house and you left me in the car.
Plerng: And what would you have me do? You won’t wake up, if I carry you inside you would say that I’m doing bad things to you, and if I put you to sleep next to me you would say it’s improper..
Numfon: Ok that’s enough. Speak so lengthy..
Plerng walks to the front door.
Plerng: Then you should wait inside. When I’m done with work I’ll come pick you up.
Numfon: How are you going to leave me and let me stay by myself? I’m going with you.

As they arrive to Plerng’s old work place (she’s still in her PJ’s by the way) he meets with his old boss and tells her to wait outside. She balks again but he said that he has some personal business to discuss with Peter and hope that she understands. Numfon is left muttering: it’s like he has a secret.

Plerng was actually asking for his old boss to help him network with his European and American friends and colleagues regarding the jewelry show. It turns out that his boss was willing to hook him up but was afraid that if his job was a success, he would surely lose him. Plerng assures him that he will be back to Ranong..

They are back at his house.
Numfon: So are you going to tell me what you talked about with Peter?
Plerng: I can’t tell you yet.
Numfon: Why, are you planning something?
Plerng: Stop it, I’m not going to tell you.
Numfon: You’re always so suspicious.
Plerng: Whatever you think. Right now you should eat so we can head back to Bangkok.

Just as they were about to eat, Lin’s dad shows up and was wondering if Lin came back with him. After learning no, he primarily wants to know how she was doing since she didn’t return any of his phone calls. Being a worried father, and because he likes Plerng, he asked if possible, he should take Lin as his wife. Wow is all I can say. Even Plerng is shocked. But Lin’s dad pushes on and says that he’s a father and he wants his daughter to be happy.. at least Plerng can just take care of her so he can go to bed at night.
Numfon eaves drops and has heard everything.
As they sit down to eat, Numfon broaches the subject.
Numfon: So you have a girlfriend..
Plerng: No!
Numfon: No? But the father has said that much.
Plerng: So you eaves dropped on my conversation?
Numfon: No… so is what I said true?
Plerng: What did you say? (He likes to make her repeat herself)
Numfon: You and Lin. Let me know when you get married so I can prepare.
Plerng: You’re getting too much. I didn’t talk about marriage. But what about you and Khun Ah-Nut, it’s closer to the truth.
Numfon: Hey, P’Nut and I have broken up. Don’t talk about it again.
Plerng: You are strange. You don’t like talking about yourself, but you can talk about other people’s problems.
Numfon: Let it go. Your problems have nothing to do with me.
Plerng: Why did you bring it up?
Numfon: Stop talking too much, I want to go to Bangkok now. Eat quickly, I’ll wait for you in the car.
And she walks out.
On their way back, Numfon keeps asking him to take a break so they can eat but he tells her to hold on. She’s hoping that he has some good restaurants in mind so she’ll wait. But he said that he knows of a lot but they’re in Bangkok. Which frustrated her. Plerng tells her that he’s in a rush to head back.
Numfon: But I’m hungry.
Plerng: Please, I have to work.
And we all wonder why he’s in such a rush.

Boot is angry that Nut can’t patch things up with Numfon yet. Nari wonders why her mother wanted Numfon as a daughter in law so badly- and it’s definitely more than just that. Boot wanted a leg up in the company, if Nut marries Numfon, they have more say/power/right to the business. If Nut loses Numfon to Plerng, then Plerng will have everything. It’s always about money and power with Boot.

Plerng and Numfon finally made a stop at the rest area. It’s funny how he tells her even to hurry as she’s taking care of business. When she gets in the car, he hands her the food he bought.
Numfon: What did you buy?
She opens the bag.
Numfon: Ew, I don’t like this type of food.
Still sticking to her character!
Plerng: Earlier when I asked you, you told me that anything will do.
Numfon: Anything is fine except for these. How about you buy me something else.
Plerng: Why don’t you just eat whatever I bought you?
Numfon: Perng, you don’t let me eat at a restaurant and I agreed, now I can’t even choose what to eat?
Plerng: You can’t because I told you that I’m in a hurry.
And he speed races out of the lot.

Non went to visit Sita at her shop and didn’t have the proper excuse to visit her so he said that he was looking to buy something but couldn’t find anything he liked. She inquired about news about Plerng but both have not heard. Non wonders out loud on why both Plerng and Numfon are missing together… Curious indeed.

Numfon and Plerng finally made it to the streets of Bangkok. Numfon is asleep again. After waking her up:
Plerng: We can split up from here.
Numfon gets out of the car.
Numfon: Hey, so you’re going home?
Plerng: No, I have to go to Thai Diamond.
Numfon: Do you want me to take you there?
Plerng: It’s ok. If anyone sees, it’s not going to be good for you, especially Khun Ah-Nut.
Numfon: I’m no longer afraid of what can happen. You helped me out so I should repay you. And if P’Nut sees us, then it’s your duty to protect me.
Plerng: What does that have to do with me?
Numfon: Well you caused the problem.
Plerng: I did?
Numfon: I don’t know, but I’m taking you to work. Get in the car.
Plerng just looks at her confused.
Numfon: Why are you standing there? Let’s get in the car.

As Non and Sita gets out of their car, they see Numfon driving Plerng to work. After explaining everything Sita decides not to tell the elders because they were alone together overnight and without a chaperone.

As Plerng walks Numfon to the elevator, she asks him why he can’t tell everyone the reason why he went to Ranong.
Plerng: It’s not the right time yet.
Numfon makes fun of him.
Numfon: I think that you’re afraid people would find out.
Plerng: Find out about what?
Numfon: That you’re going for work when you’re actually going to Ranong to talk to Lin’s dad.
Plerng: And why would I do that?
Numfon: You’re trying to catch a fish with two hands.
Plerng: One hand for Lin and the other for Sita right?
Numfon: Afraid now that I know?
Plerng: Afraid because you’re worried about useless things.
Numfon glares at him.
Plerng: The lift is waiting for you. Drive home safely. Call me when you get home.
Numfon: Are you telling me what to do?
And he gives her a devilish smile.

And now we know why Plerng was in such a rush. He was about to present the jewelry show to the board. But Boot, Nut and Nari decided to remove themselves from the project. They want to leave Plerng flailing and without help- enough so he can fail. But Plerng was headstrong and was adamant that they move forward. He wasn’t about to give this up. He needed grandmother to forgive his father. In the end, Uncle Root and the rest decided to help Plerng as best they could.

When Plerng gets home, he told Lin that her dad is worried about her and misses her. Guilty, she calls him, have her mascara cry and they made up. That girl is so lucky to have such an understanding and great dad.

Back in Numfon’s room, she recalls that Plerng had told her to call him when she got home. But she’s a stubborn person and doesn’t like people telling her what to do, so she said that if he wanted to know if she got home, he should call her.

And he did.
Numfon: He’s really calling.
Disengages her charger and picks up her phone.
Numfon: Why are you calling?
Plerng: I noticed that you didn’t call, so I was worried.
Numfon: Worried? If you’re calling right now, why not call tomorrow? Let me tell you something, I’m not stupid to let you fool me.
Plerng: I’m fooling you?
Numfon: Yes, tell me the truth. You’re pretending to be nice to me, what do you want?
Plerng: Khun Numfon, listen to me well. We both traveled far together today, so I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to drive. And I’m calling you right now because I was in a meeting and it ended late. Well since you’re safe, that’s good, I won’t bother you now. Goodbye.
And he hangs up. Plerng, you tell her!
Numfon secretly smiles, maybe she hopes that he was truly worried about her? She just can’t admit that she’s wrong.

Plerng’s grandma calls him again to ask him if he was really sure he can do this. If he can’t handle it, he can quit now. But Plerng continues to assure her that he can do it and that he is confident it will be successful. As he leaves, Som Ang tells Kon Ying that he was just like Pipat.

Numfon learns that Plerng needed help and since she had connections with people in the PR world, she decided to offer him her help. They meet under a beautiful pergola.
Plerng: Khun Numfon, you’re really one moment good and one moment bad (kind of you’re hot/cold analogy.)
Numfon: You arrived and you’re criticizing me?
Plerng: Well it’s true. Yesterday you were mad at me, but today you called me to meet with you.
Numfon: Speak nicely, I didn’t call you to meet me. But I have some business to talk to you.
Plerng: Business?
Numfon: P’Sita told me about your event. Aren’t you short on help?
Plerng: Yes
Numfon: Then, I can help you.
Plerng: You would help me?

When Nut and Boot hear that Numfon is helping out, they immediately change their plans to help. Nut requested from Pairod that he needed two people to help him during the event. Boot requested that Numfon model for the jewelry; she said that Nut wanted her to be the first to wear the jewelry. They used to be engaged, they can still be close friends. Numfon just smiles.

Pairod is determined to make Nari his play thing (toy..)

Plerng finally receives confirmation from Peter with the list of the European/American guests who were going to attend the jewelry show.

Plerng invites his mom to the event but she said that she is unsuitable for it and declines but wishes him a success. Lin decides to go in her place..

They had a family meeting and Kon Ying mentioned that he performed far better than she expected. What a way to encourage your grandson mame.

And the event is in preparation. Everyone is feeling very positive and excited and glamour up. Plerng pockets the key that houses all of the jewelry. In the meantime they all head to the catwalk, where Numfon would be modeling and showing off the jewelry. It all looks great, but Non and Sita felt like it was missing something. Plerng speaks up, “Love. Glory of Love is a jewelry that a man buys for a woman. To show the love that he has for her. So the feeling is love.” And everyone nods their head with agreement. Sita keeps complimenting Plerng, said that he’s smart and romantic. Non looks at Sita, sad that she wasn’t complimenting him. And Plerng has his eyes on Numfon, almost a little jealous as she puts her hands on the model, while she looks secretly and quietly back at him. What a cluster!

As everyone heads out to eat, Plerng decides to make sure the work is done. He walks into the room and runs into Numfon.
Numfon: You’re not going to eat?
Plerng; I’m not hungry
Numfon: Even if you’re not hungry you should eat. Once the event starts you won’t have time to eat.
Plerng: If I go now, I won’t be able to eat.
Numfon: I’m not the only one who’s stubborn.
Plerng: Do you know why I can’t eat?
Numfon: Why?
Plerng: I heard some bad news.
Numfon leans in and says bad news?
Plerng: There’s a model who can sabotage this event.
Numfon: Really? Who?
Plerng: The person who is modeling the main jewelry. I’ve searched everywhere for her, she hasn’t gotten ready.
Numfon: Nai Plerng!
Plerng: You should really take care of your duty.
We get one more smile and he heads in the room.

And the event commences with a huge success so far, people are showing up, Root keeps trying to take credit and everyone is excited, but it’s like a time bomb. We know Nut is going to switch out the real jewelry and put in fake ones and we know that when he looked in the camera and warningly says that Plerng will never enter the house again and he will make him hurt and remember, we know he was serious. So what’s going to happen to this event? We know that Root is about to open the ceremony and Boot finds out, will she take over as usual? Will Nut be able to switch out the jewelry? Will Plerng’s endeavor fail or succeed? Tune in tomorrow!