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Getting the Plerng Toranong fix..


It is quite easy.

1. Listen to the title song, repeatedly. Or watch the preview on the many channels competing for your audience, I follow (KissKeepInTouch): I am addicted to this song by the way..

2. You can also watch Plerng Toranong’s playlist (full episodes) on Gappkoo’s channel:

And the only other thing left to do is re-watching old episodes (and obviously wait for new ones) or… check out the many Marioholics/Super Mario fanclubs out there to talk about the lakorn.

I prefer to watch Plerng Toranong on TV however, I will be in Singapore for a whole week (starting from the 16th to the 22nd) and will not have access to ch.3 thus will not be able to do an immediate play by play recap. However, I hope Gappkoo loads her playlist quickly and I will write a recap accordingly.. well until I get home and have the remote in my hands.

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