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The Week Ahead


I really meant to post this on Monday, so the title would be appropriate, however, I was caught up with watching two lakorns at the same time.

Dum Kum- Pong and Tangmoe

Taweepob 1994- Saranyu and Ann Siriam

How does one go from Dum Kum to Taweepob, you may ask? I’ve been having the Pong Nawat fever and that usually means I would scurry his lakorn collection and try to watch everything. He won me over with Kah Kong Kon. However, I was catching up with Lyn’s Lakorn Blog or iheartlakorns and she mentioned that Pancake and Om are featured in the remake of Taweepob. I was intriqued. From my memory, Taweepob is an amazing production, I loved both Saranyu and Ann Siriam and from my memory, they did a superb job. Heck, the lakorn won lakorn of the year during its time. It is a classic and well loved. So I begin to wonder how the remake would measure up. I decided to rewatch Taweepob just so I have a good basis… and the lakorn still has me in its crutches. I laughed, cried and enjoyed it tremendously- so this week I hope to finish my review on Taweepob 1994 and in the meantime, I’m also trying to finish Dum Kum and write a review for that as well.


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