Sanisa (Pinky Sawika) is a rising lakorn actress whose life takes on a nasty turn when drugs were discovered in her condo. Accused of being a drug addict and drug dealer, Sanisa seeks refuge with her best friend‘s brother, Nawee (Chakrit Yamnam) in Koh San Jan. She leaves her job, condo and younger brother (Garan) behind to lay low from this shocking event. Soon however, the reality of her situation catches up with her and guilt of abandoning her brother overwhelms her, as well as the discovery that she was betrayed by her then boyfriend. Sanisa undergoes an internal battle with herself: should she turn herself in, trust the police to right this wrong, or stay away until things die down?

Nawee is a famous writer and owner of a resort in Koh San Jan. His life just got interesting when his sister’s best friend lands in his resort in which he later discovers that she is a suspect for drug dealing. After a sequence of learning that she did not commit the deed, Nawee becomes protective and champions her. His goal is to help her prove her innocence. In due course, when Sanisa and Nawee did the “right thing” by consulting his police officer friend (who happens to work for this crime case), they were met with another unexpected complication: even the police cannot be trusted.

Not only is this lakorn filled with political complications, there are a lot of social implications as well. We get a glimpse of what the Thai society is struggling with at this time: drug addict youths and drug related high crimes. For citizens who support themselves and do not have the money and social status to back them up, they become scapegoats or induced to sell drugs, for instance, Sanisa and her younger brother Garan. Corruption is abounded and individual civil rights play second fiddle to money. This lakorn gives the audience something to think about.

Ultimately, can the bad guys and the corrupted rich society be handed what they deserve or will they get away? Can the accused suspect (Sanisa) be proven innocent? And will all be resolved in the final climax? Watch Kadee Ded Hed Hang Rak to find out.

I felt that this lakorn encompasses the problems and reality in Thailand really well. The storyline is well developed; all of the characters serve a purpose to complicate our main protagonists and force them to make decisions that show their true character. The lakorn also has characters that are not what they appear to be. And finally that money and social status speaks volume in a developing country like Thailand. This sends a message that the powerful people should have the responsibility to improve not only the economy but the society as well. Otherwise, it will be doom and gloom for the future generations.

Not to be worried, this lakorn is not all for society: we also get a lot of romance time between the main characters and sub characters as well. What I appreciate most is that Sanisa and Nawee are always together and that brings about some wonderful romantic scenes. The best friend (Lin) and the cop are cute and adorable to watch as well. So what makes for a great action/drama/romance lakorn? Kadee Ded Hed Hang Rak!

And on a side note.. fans get to see the very gorgeous Chakrit speaking fluent English! What a treat and pleasantly surprising..

(Duration: 15 Episodes, Filmed in 2006, Channel 7, Action/Drama)

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