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A Change of Heart for Chakrit Yamnarm


Chakrit Yamnarm (ชาคริต แย้มนาม) – The Enigmatic and Charasmatic Actor

I used to be a lot like Siriyakorn in my short story “Give Me One Good Reason” in that I had a tendency to judge a person’s worth before I get to know them. It was up to that person to prove me wrong. In this case, I’m talking about Chakrit Yamnarm. For the longest time, I “hated” Chakrit, even now it is such a strong word. It stemmed from the movie he filmed in 1998 with Tata Young, O-Negative. It didn’t occur to me at the time that he must have been one hell of an actor to invoke such a negative emotion from me, I was very immature at the time and vowed that I will never watch another one of his films again and will detest him forever. I never understood years later why so many Thai lakorn fans are so enthralled with him.

I recently had a large serving of the humble pie. Eating your own words never tasted so good. What did it for me? What was responsible for my change of heart for Chakrit? Sapai Glad Peun Tiang, that’s what, followed by Kadee Ded Hed Hang Rak where he continued to pleasantly surprise me. Talk about proving me wrong..

A Little Background on Chakrit

A 32 year old Thai heartthrob (can I say across the globe?) was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1978. He was educated in several international preparatory schools in Bangkok before studying abroad in New Zealand and later in the US where he earned his undergrad degree. This explains his fluency in English and intellectual demeanor. Chakrit is featured on the silver screen and small tv screens across the country, most notably O-Negative, Bangkok Dangerous and various lakorns.

An Enigma

However, partly because I’m not in the forefront of the Thai entertainment news and partly because I live in the US, Chakrit remains as an enigma to me. There is not a lot of information on the internet regarding his family: what does his parents do? Does he have any siblings? Most of what I found has the same information that can be found on Wikipedia. Unfortunately the “other” news stem from Thai entertainment gossip and paparazzi’s fabrications- which I turn the other cheek. It is hard to believe anything you read nowadays. Perhaps he can remain as an enigma to me, it gives off an air of mysteriousness.


Despite what I read on the internet, one conclusion is clear, Chakrit Yamnarm is a charasmatic, handsome and incredibly gifted individual. He just earned another devoted fan. Keep up the fantastic work and stay strong. The entertainment world is a fickle bitch.

(Word count 433)

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