One of the lesser dramatic roles for Aum Atichart, but a much needed reprieve after Botan Gleep Sudtai and Borisat Bumbat Kaen which earned him best actor two consecutive times.

In Nakak Dok Son Klin, Aum plays Saenpoom, a playboy and carefree rich man who returns to Thailand after the death of his father. He is portrayed as a naive and irresponsible person who has no interest in pursuing his father’s business. Needless to say that he doesn’t take anything seriously.

The conflict in the lakorn occurs when Saenpoom’s stepmom Maleewan and his fathers best friend Sagat, contrived to take over his fortune. Pah Kai Saeng, his aunt and only living relative, has always been aware of their conniving nature and is determined to block their attempts to eliminate Saenpoom.

Upon getting into a car wreck, Saenpoom undergoes an inventive brain surgery by a gifted doctor who graduated from Africa’s medical residency. The technique that was used has only been done a few hundred times and wasn’t a 100% certainty that Saenpoom will fully recover. Amazingly enough, not only did he recover in record time, he also received a rare benefit: the ability to hear people’s thoughts. His mind acts like a transmitter and can read people’s minds. Intriguing idea indeed.

Saenpoom did not warm up to this idea at first because he originally thought that he was crazy. However overtime, this ability saved his life. This mind reading presented several comedic relief as well!

The events and experiences following the car wreck taught Saenpoom that people are deceiving and that their words do not always coincide with their hearts. For instance, Maleewan appears and acts like she is a sweet, innocent and loyal person to Saenpoom but her mind and heart is filled with evil plans to kill him. The same goes for Sagat and Raymee. It is disheartening for Saenpoom to know that the people he always loved and trusted, betrayed him. Pah Kai Saeng on the other hand has a bad mouth but a kind heart, she loves and worries about Saenpoom. This has taught him to be wary of people and to not take them at face value.

He meets Baitoey who doesn’t give off negative energy and Saenpoom feels comfortable around her. He neglects to tell anyone of his condition for fear of betrayals. Find out how Saenpoom unveils the bad guys with his mind reading abilities and the humorous scenes where he takes advantage of his skills to find out how Baitoey feels about him. How will Baitoey react to this when she finds out? Can Baitoey reform this playboy?

I still remember a conversation between Saenpoom and Baitoey regarding their nature of falling in love. Baitoey said that she doesn’t fall in love easily, she needed time for the feelings to develop and be able to tell the person herself that she loved him. When he reads her mind like that, he takes away that choice from her. Saenpoom responds with the sweetest thing: he said that he on the other hand, falls in love easily. If he is near someone, he falls in love with them. But when he is around her, not only does his love continue to grow for her, he cared for her unlike anything that he feels for anyone else.

Delish. There is something about Aum Atichart when he speaks- even in the most simplest of words, he can melt a girl’s heart. How else can he get away with kidnapping the wrong person (Jam Loey Rak), can’t get over his first love (Badarn Jai), torments the person responsible for his wife and kids death (Borisat Bumbat Kaen), lying to people he love (Botan Gleep Sudtai) and finally reading a girl’s mind? It is all in the way that he speaks and looks deeply into a girls heart.

You are the man, Aum.

Released in 2009

Duration: 12 Episodes
Also known as The Tuberose Mask

Starring Aum Atichart Chumnanont and Noon Sirapan Wattanajinda

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