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Koo Deud (The Furious Duo)


I recommend watching this lakorn with a box of tissues. You will be touched by the characters, events and relationships in Koo Deud, starring Por Nattawut Skidjai, Aum Atichart Chumnanont and Benz Ponchita NaSonglah as Dam, Khao and Keo.

Dam and Khao were raised in a temple after they were abandoned at a young age. Long Phor, the attending monk raised them to love each other as brothers. However, as their names indicated, they are as different in temperament and character as black and white, ying and yang, light and darkness, night and day. The differences soon drew them apart spurred by Khao’s jealousy of Dam. He feels that his own value and importance is being taken away from him; the very love from Long Phor and Keo.

Khao is a stubborn and furious individual, Long Phor is concerned about the fire that is in his heart. Khao continued to see Dam as the villain and many scenes in the lakorn continued to add fuel to the fire until an event caused him to run away from his small town. He knew that if he stayed he will continue to be overshadowed by Dam and he needed to be his own man and make something of himself. He also hoped that if he became a worthwhile person, then perhaps Keo will love him, even though she is in love with Dam.

Dam is a righteous yet head strong person. He loves Khao like his own blood brother, they were raised together and in his heart and mind he won’t allow anyone to tear them apart. He always felt responsible for the torment in Khao’s heart even though he was confused by the resentment. He humors Khao in their daily fist fight.

Long Phor is disappointed in their inability to get along with each other and always lectures them that if they worked together, no one can beat them or hurt them. Deep in his heart he hopes that one day his two sons will love each other again, but will it be too late?

The two furious duos fell into different sides of the law: enforcer of law versus mafia’s puppet.

The lakorn portrays the journey of both men going after their goals and dreams. We see that even though Khao is on the opposite side of the law, deep down he is a good person. The values that were instilled in him becomes a challenge to uphold and we see him struggle with it.

The brotherly chemistry and animosity between Khao and Dam are felt through the television screen. I felt Dam’s anguish when he realizes how angry and resentful Khao is and I felt the frustration, anger, heartfelt tears and trials that each endured while trying to prove himself. This is a lakorn about two nurtured brothers who realizes that only teamwork and their strengths combined will win over evil. There are some romance in there but more importantly, the viewers grasp family values, good versus evil and finally that Por and Aum are superb actors! The storyline is divided equally yet I felt a stronger pull towards Khao. I am drawn to his imperfections: his inner struggles, his adventures in Krongthep and his journey of finding himself and his attempt to not lose sight of himself. His character is such an angry person, blames all of his failures on Dam and gets pulled into the “dark side” due to his negative view in life, his associations with questionable people and his involvement with illegal activities in order to make money and his dream come true. It shows what one is willing to do for love or to best someone.

The romance between Keo and Dam is very natural, you can see that Por and Benz has a great chemistry. At first Dam is convinced that the feelings he has for Keo is brotherly and friendly but he struggles to keep it that way throughout the lakorn, until he realizes that he is in love with her. Another person to add to the love triangle is Bua, who also grew up with the three. She is a soft-hearted, kind and need protection type of female protagonist. She constantly gets into trouble and needs rescuing. It just so happens that Khao is the protective type and becomes her hero and champion. It is only natural that Bua falls in love with him.

This is a dramatic, heartfelt lakorn. Not a moment goes by where you can breathe a sigh of relief- except for the beautiful ending! It is action packed, both Por and Aum are brilliant fighters. You will cry your eyes out throughout the lakorn but you’ll go away with a firm lesson about life. And you will cheer for the brothers!

Tune into Koo Deud to find out what kind of troubles they get into, watch the action packed fighting scenes and have a nice cry over the drama that gets unraveled.

Not your easy, romantic lakorn; Koo Deud requires your vested time and attention.

Released in 2010/2011

Duration: 15 Episodes

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