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Home Again and Fave Thai Actresses


I forget how wonderful it is to go home and get pampered. I spent the entire weekend being spoiled by my parents- I watched two lakorns, ate very well and had the best time laughing together. My family is also a lakorn collector, so I scavenged the entire collection for Aum Atichart’s lakorn since I am currently obsessed with him. And I am happy to say that I found three other ones that I haven’t seen, so I will be tuning in: Badarn Jai, Rai Risaya and Lady Yaowarat. I will post a review for Badarn Jai shortly.

We also got into a discussion of who are favorite Pr’eks and N’eks are (yet again.) Here is my list: Aum Atichart, Ken Theeradeth, Tik Jesaduporn, Ann Thongprasom, Janie Tienphosuwan, Aff Taksaorn. They pretty much agreed, but wanted to add Aump Patcharapa and Por Nattawat to the list. We then continued to fill each other in on the current news and events of the Thai entertainment industry, Dirtii Laundry and Lyn’s Lakorn blog  are great resources for that as well.

Since I have already explained in earlier posts the reason for my tuning in to specific pr’eks, I will elaborate on my favorite n’ek list. Ann Thongprasom is one of my favorites because of her commitment to her work, acting skills and onscreen charm with just about any leading male actor. I’m sure many fans would agree with me that she made a smashing match with Ken Theeradeth. Janie Tienphosuwan has always been one of my top actresses, one can tell by my first few fanfictions- Janie was the n’ek in pretty much all of them. I became a fan when I watched her lakorn with Ann, then she became a leading actress in a lakorn with Pohn Tantasatien. I have yet to find that lakorn online- I forget what it’s called! Aff Taksaorn has been a new favorite, she brought me back to watching Thai lakorn. She has the traditional beauty, very smart and versatile actress. Not to mention her amazing chemistry with Aum Atichart in their many lakorns.. then Ken in Jai Rao and lastly Tik in Wanida. How can you not fall in love with her? Needless to say, my favorite actresses has remained popular and significant through the years, and for the above mentioned reasons 🙂

It was good to be home, but now I am ready to proceed with work, looking forward to finishing Badarn Jai when I get home.

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