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Sood Saneha (A Recipe For Love)


Two years ago Alin was the number one actress in Thailand, yet because of her temperament, diva-like attitude and her inability to get along with others, she pushed herself away from the entertainment industry. Alin is a force to be reckoned with; she came from a rich family and possessed enough exterior confidence for several people. Not many people however, can see the slight insecurities and self consciousness within her. Being out of the picture for a couple of years can do that to even the most confident of person.

She was later approached with an opportunity to get back into the entertainment industry. A firm was looking for a celebrity to host their cooking show. When Alin met the President of the firm, Anucha, she instantly surmised that he is the perfect man. Based on her standards, she decided to pursue him and impress him by winning the cooking competition. The first problem however, is learning how to cook.

Pasu (Din, Kru Cook) is a calm, considerate yet very stubborn and head strong individual. He is also the illegitimate son of a high so family. Although his mother and he were recognized as part of the family, he is still tormented with the stigma. Thus he is determined to make it on his own and thus became the top of his school and a very established chef. The lakorn takes a turn when Kru Cook decides to teach Alin how to cook, knowing full well what type of a person she is. His best friend Patikorn along with her own father fears her and will do everything in their power to make her happy. Kru Cook on the other hand, is the only person who will not give in to her and in turn made her a better person. He slowly falls in love with her and able to accept her for who she is, but can he accept himself for who he is? Can he move pass the fact that he is an illegitimate son and worthy of true love from Alin?

Alin in contrast, conjured up her perfect match with Anucha and is determined to do anything to marry him, oblivious to the history that he has with Sopita and her feelings for Kru Cook. Will Alin realize that her dream man is the man who is standing right in front of her or will she continue to pursue the man she conjure up as her perfect match? Will this recipe for love work out in the end?

I believe it is a sucessful recipe, we have romantic encounters, amazing chemistry, strong n’ek’s and a believeable storyline. I’ve enjoyed Sood Saneha and I would say that it is one of those rare lakorns that fans are lucky to view. It is hard to fine a strong n’ek who doesn’t require any assistance from the pr’ek. She doesn’t require any rescuing. Alin’s character is a good role model in that she goes after what she wants, albeit a little blindly. Minus the manipulations and frequent temper tantrums, female viewers out there can use some of her confidence and candor. My favorite scene is when Alin discovered the truth about Anucha and she opened a can of whoop-ass for him, I think she was more furious about his inability to protect his family than him lying to her. It shows her true character and what is important to her. I’ve also enjoyed the numerous scenes where Alin begs Kru Cook to help her. Despite Kru Cook acting like he is immune to her charm, he always succombs. If viewers do not think that this lakorn is romantic, then we must be talking about different lakorns here. Not only is Sood Saneha funny, it is highly romantic and contemplative.


Pasu/Din/Kru Cook – Ken Theeradeth
Alin – Ann Thongprasom
Anucha/Lek – Willy McIntosh
Sopita/Ta – Sonia Cooling
Patikorn – Job Niti S.

Duration: 16 Episodes

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